Paul Lennon interviewed by International Cultic Studies in “Cultic Stories” via virtual link, Saturday, October 26, 11 am EST, 10 am Mexico, 9 am Central America

Not Bono, not Van… me on a cool day

Cult Stories. In this series former members of cultic groups or relationships will be interviewed by International Cultic Studies Association. After the interview, virtual attendees, depending upon the interviewee’s preferences, may have an opportunity to ask questions via chat. These events are expected to last 60 – 90 minutes. Interviewees will be asked to describe: (1) What life factors may have made them vulnerable to recruitment (if they joined as adults or young adults). (2) How they became involved. (3) What their life was like in the cultic situation. (4) The factors that caused them to leave. (5) Adjustment and recovery issues they confronted after departure. (6) How they have integrated their cultic situation into their current life. The first batch of cult stories will be with former
members who have dedicated themselves to helping cult survivors. Our goal in these stories is to give listeners hope that they too can heal and that they too can help others. Scheduled interviewees includes: Maureen Griffo, Paul Lennon, Dan Shaw, and Nori Muster. Go here to sign up:…/1FAIpQLSdV6MnhdVE_N1Rrs8…/viewform

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