Our Mission

   To inform and educate the public regarding the true nature of policies and practices of the Legion of Christ – a seemingly bona-fide Catholic Religious Congregation -, the Regnum Christi Movement, and other Catholic and Christian Mind Control groups. ReGAIN strives to provide information and serious studies about the such groups’ doctrine and actions.

Analyzing the Legion/Regnum for over thirty years, ReGAIN has discovered many troubling features in its Foundation, Doctrine, Formation System, Fundraising and  general Modus Operandi (functioning). With a flawed founder, a questionable charism and several cult-like features the concerned Christian is led to question its legitimacy as a true religious order (despite its official approval). Hence our constant cry to youth and families of Caveat Emptor!, Buyer Beware!, before joining this secretive organization which has been questioned by local bishops and by the Vatican.

In an effort to


By promoting communication with and between present and past members, their families and the ‘outside world’;

Providing networking, guidance and support for exiting and exited members, their families and all others touched and adversely affected by the movement’s methods & apostolates.

ReGAIN is available to the public through the webpage contact link and has been answering questions, listening and providing suggestions to concerned readers for the past three decades, free of charge. It may require a stipend if more time-consuming and in-depth counseling is involved.

ReGAIN has consistently provided information, education,  support and a voice to members who have been victims of diverse forms of abuse. Staff has derived great satisfaction from facilitating publication of and promoting victims’ testimonies.

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