Glossary of Terms


Often found in Legion and Regnum Literature

Apostolic School
A kind of boys Junior Seminary (residential setting) either at a middle and/or high school level where students have limited access to their families for long periods of time.

Apostolic Practices
Studies are interrupted for a variable length of time for the Legionary religious/RC committed member togo outside the isolated “house of formation” to experience the “active life” involved in the group’s works, e.g. schools, fundraising, recruiting…

Young men preparing to enter the seminary (Novitiate) to begin the religious life and training for the priesthood; young women preparing to enter the “consecrated” life of separation from the world and their families and friends.

Consecrated Life (in the Regnum Christi Movement)
A state into which Catholic men/women are inducted by taking “Promises” of Poverty, Chastity and Obedience. The Movement has labored since its inception under the lack of definition of this state as it does not seem to fit any traditional Catholic canon law categories.

House or residence where the LC and RC committed/consecrated/religious live in community life, isolated from the outside world: the size of the house varies according tothe LC/RC needs. Sometimes the houses are undistinguishable from regular houses in the neighborhood –often the case of the “consecrated” male and female member of the RC.

Two years of classical and languages studies for LC members, usually coming after the novitiate, in preparation for higher studies.

LC-Legion of Christ
A Catholic religious order (technically, “congregation”) of priests, and of brothers on their way to the priesthood. The Legion does not have “lay brothers”. As their name suggests, the Legionaries have a militant spirituality aimed transforming the world from the top down.

A two-year period of total separation from the outside world devoted to prayer, “discernment”(?) and spiritual growth, common to all religious orders.

Nuestro Padre, MM, Our Father
Was the special name used to address the Founder, Fr. Marcial Maciel (maternal cognomen, Degollado). A somewhat more intimate and affectionate term was favored by the founder, especially during the early years of the foundation, Monper, in Spanish, from the French, Mon Père.

Philosophers (Sp., Filósofos)
Philosophical students.

Precandidacy (Pre-candidates)
A special year-long preparation for Regnum Christi members to become candidates which takes placate a special residential school.

RC-Regnum Christi Movement
An association of Catholics dedicated to the transformation of humanity through their specials works and methods; male youth, female youth, male consecrated, female consecrated, men and women Sections are run separately; communication between members in different sections is strictly forbidden. Sections are connected/coordinated through the leadership.

Spiritual Director/Direction
The term is used ambiguously in the LC/RC because spiritual directors have traditionally been superiors too; this has led to accusation of abuse of the internal forum (i.e. a superior could use what s/he has learned in confession or spiritual direction to control or guide the directee/subject).

Theologians (Sp., Teólogos)
Theology students

Third grade or highest level of dedication to the Regnum Christi Movement; entails promises of chastity, poverty and Christi Movement; entails promises of chastity, poverty and obedience; these members have been called “consecrated” although they are not officially consecrated to God like nuns. The female 3rd level members are designated as 3gf, the males as 3gm.

Tercer Grado Feminino; Third Degree; Consecrated Women of Regnum Christi; women who make promises of poverty, chastity and obedience and live in community similar to nuns, but wear skirts, blouses, nylons and heels and shortish hair instead of habits.

Beats me – some special gift the Holy Spirit did or did not give to Maciel or the Legion or some combination of the two.

See 3GF

Formator / Superior
A consecrated charged with watching over students of Immaculate Conception Academy, providing spiritual direction, and correcting girls who failed to follow the norms.

Immaculate Conception Academy
Immaculate Conception Academy: A boarding high school for girls who wished to discern a vocation to the consecrated life in Regnum Christi.

Legion of Christ

Marcial Maciel
Founder of Regnum Christi and the Legion of Christ, who sexually abused the junior seminarians he recruited, as well as the children he had with two long-term mistresses.

The combination of rules and traditions and mind control employed by Regnum Christi and the Legion to present a uniform Man or Woman of the Kingdom to the world.

Rules for daily living in a Regnum Christi or Legionnaire community.

A Precandidate

The Precandidacy
Immaculate Conception Academy and Immaculate Conception Precandidacy

A girl who attends Immaculate Conception Academy, and a boy that attends the Immaculate Conception Precandidacy

Regnum Christi

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