Glossary of Terms


Often found in Legion and Regnum Literature

Apostolic School
A kind of boys Junior Seminary (residential setting) either at a middle and/or high school level where students have limited access to their families for long periods of time.

Apostolic Practices
Studies are interrupted for a variable length of time for the Legionary religious/RC committed member togo outside the isolated “house of formation” to experience the “active life” involved in the group’s works, e.g. schools, fundraising, recruiting…

Young men preparing to enter the seminary (Novitiate) to begin the religious life and training for the priesthood; young women preparing to enter the “consecrated” life of separation from the world and their families and friends.

Consecrated Life (in the Regnum Christi Movement)
A state into which Catholic men/women are inducted by taking “Promises” of Poverty, Chastity and Obedience. The Movement has labored since its inception under the lack of definition of this state as it does not seem to fit any traditional Catholic canon law categories.

House or residence where the LC and RC committed/consecrated/religious live in community life, isolated from the outside world: the size of the house varies according tothe LC/RC needs. Sometimes the houses are undistinguishable from regular houses in the neighborhood –often the case of the “consecrated” male and female member of the RC.

Two years of classical and languages studies for LC members, usually coming after the novitiate, in preparation for higher studies.

LC-Legion of Christ
A Catholic religious order (technically, “congregation”) of priests, and of brothers on their way to the priesthood. The Legion does not have “lay brothers”. As their name suggests, the Legionaries have a militant spirituality aimed transforming the world from the top down.

A two-year period of total separation from the outside world devoted to prayer, “discernment”(?) and spiritual growth, common to all religious orders.

Nuestro Padre, MM, Our Father
Was the special name used to address the Founder, Fr. Marcial Maciel (maternal cognomen, Degollado). A somewhat more intimate and affectionate term was favored by the founder, especially during the early years of the foundation, Monper, in Spanish, from the French, Mon Père.

Philosophers (Sp., Filósofos)
Philosophical students.

Precandidacy (Pre-candidates)
A special year-long preparation for Regnum Christi members to become candidates which takes placate a special residential school.

RC-Regnum Christi Movement
An association of Catholics dedicated to the transformation of humanity through their specials works and methods; male youth, female youth, male consecrated, female consecrated, men and women Sections are run separately; communication between members in different sections is strictly forbidden. Sections are connected/coordinated through the leadership.

Spiritual Director/Direction
The term is used ambiguously in the LC/RC because spiritual directors have traditionally been superiors too; this has led to accusation of abuse of the internal forum (i.e. a superior could use what s/he has learned in confession or spiritual direction to control or guide the directee/subject).

Theologians (Sp., Teólogos)
Theology students

Third grade or highest level of dedication to the Regnum Christi Movement; entails promises of chastity, poverty and Christi Movement; entails promises of chastity, poverty and obedience; these members have been called “consecrated” although they are not officially consecrated to God like nuns. The female 3rd level members are designated as 3gf, the males as 3gm.

Tercer Grado Feminino; Third Degree; Consecrated Women of Regnum Christi; women who make promises of poverty, chastity and obedience and live in community similar to nuns, but wear skirts, blouses, nylons and heels and shortish hair instead of habits.

Beats me – some special gift the Holy Spirit did or did not give to Maciel or the Legion or some combination of the two.

See 3GF

Formator / Superior
A consecrated charged with watching over students of Immaculate Conception Academy, providing spiritual direction, and correcting girls who failed to follow the norms.

Immaculate Conception Academy
Immaculate Conception Academy: A boarding high school for girls who wished to discern a vocation to the consecrated life in Regnum Christi.

Legion of Christ

Marcial Maciel
Founder of Regnum Christi and the Legion of Christ, who sexually abused the junior seminarians he recruited, as well as the children he had with two long-term mistresses.

The combination of rules and traditions and mind control employed by Regnum Christi and the Legion to present a uniform Man or Woman of the Kingdom to the world.

Rules for daily living in a Regnum Christi or Legionnaire community.

A Precandidate

The Precandidacy
Immaculate Conception Academy and Immaculate Conception Precandidacy

A girl who attends Immaculate Conception Academy, and a boy that attends the Immaculate Conception Precandidacy

Regnum Christi

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  1. I was looking up the subject of when what the Pope says is infallible and reading the wikipedia comment on the infallibility when i clicked on charisma as this word was part of the article and clickable and what cam up was a wikipedia article which said that, in the church charismatic is being somone who heels others, has voices and a few other magic quualities. Thus, if MM was charismatic, did supernatural stuff, it would be hard for his followers to accept that he was as wicked as he was, saintly miracles seeming to be clear proof that he could not be a devil. terrible system one that see all magic as coming from God. The only answer is to say that the supernatural is not always good but can also be what is called, blackish magic.
    My protestant mother told me when i was small that the Scots, presbitarians I suppose, say that the church uses magic, On thinking it over, she said whitcraft. . I now wonder what things she might not have been experiencing that induced that remark. My father was the catholic parent.
    One of the regnum christ testimonies on your blog mentions people being told that God talked to them but they did not hear it. A person who is very good at telepathy would make that Gods voice something members could preceive, hear, except they would not be receiving or hearing Gods voice, they would be in telepatic comunication with a member of the legion who thought that the Holy Ghost spoke through him or her, while they telepatically repeated the stuff the legion has taught them to talk of, taught more by comments on peoples actions than by a manual,so that they come to think they have not really been taught.

    I reckon that a person who is good at telepathy can even influence what second persons, who their victims are talking to, say to the victime and inflluence victims that way. I wonder if they can’t telepatically click off some, useful for the legion, train of thought in the heads of those I, or another of their victimes talk to, which would then seem to be messages from God, as a suprising amount of coincedences can seem that way. finding that every of the many different people you talk to bring up the same themes is a suprising amount of coincidences.

    Another writer on Regum Christi talks of falling ill and spending time in the infirmary where tapes of MMs’ sayings were played to her day and night. Were these really tapes i wonder? Having suffered a lot from telepathy myself i wonder if she did not receive telepatic messages which can be thought transfusion, the apearance of a thought among your own you dont recognise as being your own, or a more advanced form of telepathy which comes out as the perception of an actual voice even the ability to recognise the voice of the one person or anothers normal voice.:
    I have woken in the night to hear, perceive, my legionaire sister saying things like, “punishment punishment” again and again, I left my husband near four years ago, Or, calling my brothers name repeatedly. It seems there are various people she keeps on line.was she tryign to wake him up?
    The testimony of one of the preists in one youtube video on the preists who denounced MM as a pedophile, was that worse than the pedophilia even, was the loss of interior freedom and the extreme severity of the legion, this in spanish, which comments seemed to me to be a reference to this telepatic comunication of the legions, that follows people day and night and insists on extreme un-sinfulness, their roughness can hardly be called good so it is not extreme goodness they call for. Unsinfulness, such as my brother not sleeping with his wife who is his second wife, by whom he has two children. Also, apparently you should only sleep with your spouse if you wish to have a child which cuts out an enormous amount of normal marital relations and greatly increases the reasons a legionaire can torment you which is what they seem to want to find.Needing to correct you is an excuse for telepathic comunications as far as i can make out. HTey want to make sure you go to heaven, and it often seem th twhat they really want is for you to go to heaven the fast way, through stress related illnesses, for example.
    Of course this is very mad. It seems to me that telepathy is real and happens but it is not something one can swear to in a court of law. .
    .I can hear her but cannot get into contact with people and listen to them myself, thank heavens. I believe she gets into contact with our children in this way , with all family members, which is horrific. I dont want my children changed into what she is. She thinks it is great for everyone to be what she is.
    I looked up the wikipedia for charisma again and and did not find the page with the explaination of,what charism was for the church, again. I should give more time to finding the wikipedia article that mentions this use of the word charisma. there must be other places tht talk of the churches use of this word, it should be possible to find tit again.

    For a long time i did not know that the telepathy i was subjected to was from my sister, i knew it when wot i believe to have been somone who was involved in yoga, who seldom talks by telepathy, compared to my sister, announced that he thought I ought to know it was her and then the messages became clearly differentiated and turned out to be her and my brother who she was teaching but who was not convinced by the legion and his wife, he will i believe deny this, at least as a clearly stated fact, he will, with me, make references to things he has only known by telpathic comunication.. This is even crazier, but if real, it is because of the person involved in yoga that I got to hear my sister as herself, other people in contact with legionaires may just hear a hotchpotch of messages in which it is hard to distiguish which message is meant to cover up the identity of the legionaire and which to push people unwitting into the arms of the legion or to push them to give money to catholic causes and such, not to accumulate to much themselves, legioaires are the death to all small enterprise and economic recovery, they want everyone to be live simply , not start businesses and to give money to charity instead of using it to build up something. THey also want sinners to be seen to fail the inquisitions reason for torturing and killing people was to stop others from sinning or heresies. ratzinger once said tha if he stopped being pope then his occupation would be readign in the inquisition libary. We have forgotten to imagine that the body of thought that derives from the thinkers of the inquisition might have a major influence on modern day catholisism. that the church could swing back and again favour their unkind ideas.
    Two days ago mulling over how to talk openly about this side of the legions activities, i thought that their could be a blog in which the writers were anoymous, in which they could talk of this side of their experiences directly to this site under your normal web names, tiger jaws or whatever, and then a body of information from many people would build up which would become strong evidence of the reality of this tomfoolery and whitch raft on the part of the legion.
    I am not writing with an eye to my testimony being kept on this blog as an open testimont to my experiences though i take the risk it might be but to put into the hands of the managers of REgain my findings on the legion.

  2. THe wikipedia clasification of charisma as it is used in the church, the vatican, did not mention voices, as i did above, it mentioned tongues which i had imagined might be the same. Anyway charisma was supposedly magic or miraculous happenings in the vatican use of the word. I dont see telepathy as magic, I see it as if abit of our mind is capable of receivign messages as a radio is.
    As i see the legionaires do use telepthy and it is not God given but something experts can manage, they can even turn normal people who are not trying to use telepathy on to it. They can bring you into telepathic comunication with who ever they want. According to my sister the nuns put her in contact with me, that is to say telepathic contact..
    Have you ever thought that carthugian monks are not so much not talking, as talking endlessly on the air waves, an idea that hit me and kept me laughing all morning. They are really the talk non stop group, tha is if they do use telepathy.
    The idea of what telepathy involves is dead scarey, but I dont allow myself to think of how frightening the situation is, I can only fight on if I never think of how frightening all this is. Rose.

  3. The wikipedia article i read about charisma, charism i suppose, did not talk of voices but of tongues,as being part of charisma,along with healing powers, miraculous healing i suppose. I just imagined that tongues could well be telepathy. It seems that in a telepathic situation people understand me when i tak spanish much as they are english speakers.
    I dont believe telepathy is God given. I believe it is an art and it seems that some experts can turn normal people on to such an art. My sister, the legionaire one, told me that nuns had put her on to me, had established the conection tha tallowed her to get through to me. . When i say told here, i have to admite that most of the communication i have with my sister is telepathic, she told me but i did not talk to her in anynormal sense and what she said might have been said by anyone, the devil or have been a figment of my imagination as Hamlet says of his communication with his fathers ghost.
    I have asked myself if carthsian monks and nuns do not use telepathy, idea that had me laughing all morning, laughing to think that the monks who were famouse for not talking might be talking day and night.Frightening situations such as being attacked by legionaires seem to createmore hours of merriment than normal life situations do. The good moments seem better prehaps or life is just so much more weighty tha tevery bit of it leads to stronger emotional replies than usual or beingodd sixty leads to more merriment.
    The idea that such peole get at other parts of the community through telepathiic communication is very frightening. In Spain, here were i live, with the crisis, there is a rise in interest in the church. If I give five euros to be spent on those who need food in the supermarket were I am shopping, it is the church that hand out the food and get the credit for it . They ask for the vote for the right, usually, and then get credit for food hand outs. For me that is to take away with one hand five fold what you give with the other. It makes me very cross, I am terrified about the spread of extreme catholicism, in part through aparently magic, miraculous goings on. people lose their heads when they are presented with miraculous happenings and stop evalutating things for themselves . put themseleves in the hands of the groups who claim to cause miracles.
    I cannot spend time thinking about how frightening all this is, it un-mans me, unwomans me rather. I have to put fear out of my head.

    THe Bishop of boston has called for the faithfull to talk to the young of how catholisism was in the sixties. I am not the only person who is worried about the direction the church is taking now.

  4. I havwe loooked up papal infallibility again and found the word charism. Maybe i am in less of a hurry today and clicked on it and come back ko the cahtolic definition of this word which is not that of having special charms and beign able to atract others. The explaination that charism is the grace to carry out christian duties and miraculouse healing powers and tongues and such.
    ALso, I have agiain failed to get back to the article on charism when i have tried to retrace my steps in order to give a fuler account of what charism is said to be here.. Charism ceased to be a word written in blue and therefore clickable.I have again tried to get to the same spot by simple putting the word charism into the search engine, google, and failed to find the page i found before. With any luck others will find it. the word charism appears in the section title “nature of infallibility”.

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