Spanish Archbishop Ricardo Blazquez of Valladolid, Spain Appointed to Lead Vatican Investigation into Regnum Christi

Catholic News Service has issued a news release written by Carol Glatz regarding the appointment of Spanish Archbishop Ricardo Blazquez to lead the investigation into Regnum Christi. Archbishop Blazquez was part of the recent Vatican-led investigation of the Legionaries of Christ. He was responsible for the visitation in Spain and Western Europe, excluding Italy.

Archbishop De Paolis, who was appointed by the Vatican to govern and reform the Legionaries is also coordinating the visitation of Regnum Christi and was in charge of naming Archbishop Blazquez as the visitor.

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ReGAIN Comment:
Regnum Christi were excluded during the Vatican visitation to the Legionaries of Christ even though they had the same founder and leadership, similar statutes and policies and Regnum Christi functions primarily as a recruiting and fund raising group for the Legion.

Because Regnum Christi is a religious movement, not an order, it would not normally be investigated by the Vatican. It would be up to the individual bishops in the locations where Regnum Christi is active to monitor their activities. It was the women of Regnum Christi who requested a separate Vatican visitation for them.

The environment for the “consecrated” Regnum Christi women needs a critical review and reformation to provide them with freedom of will and conscience, stability and security, and provision for health care in old age. They live their lives as if they were nuns but because they remain lay people in the eyes of the Church they do not have to be provided with the protection provided by the Church for religious. Their controversial private “consecration” ceremony leads them to believe that they are married to Jesus but the reality of this has been challenged by knowledgeable ex members and canon lawyers.
Former Legionaries look at these Senoritas with respect and concern. Though separated from them while in the Legion by rigid rules, we have always admired their generosity and dedication to the works that we thought were building the Kingdom of Christ. Poisonous disinformation, under the guise of “Spiritual Direction” may prevent some of them from reaching out to REGAIN for help. We respect that, pray for them, and continue to extend a helping hand. We are encouraged when we hear them speaking up and speaking out. We are hopeful that this Apostolic Visitation will open the windows to the Holy Spirit to enlighten and free them.

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