Who Is Really In Charge of the Legionaries of Christ?

Who Is Really In Charge of the Legionaries of Christ?

An article in Catholic Online written by Father James Farfaglia Click Here

Fr Farfaglia, who left the Legion in 1999 had been a member for twenty-one years. He speaks about an explosive? book, which has been rocking the news in Mexico. The book, which was recently written by Nelly Ramírez Mota Velasco in Spanish is entitled:
El Reino de Marcial Maciel / The Kingdom of Marcial Maciel: La Vida Oculta De La Legion Y El Regnum Christi / The Hidden Life of the Regnum Christi Legion?.

Nelly Ramirez was a 3gf consecrated member of Regnum Christi for twelve years.

According to the article, she explains in a clear objective way, without venom? how a person such as the Legion and Regnum Christi founder, who had a repugnant history of homosexual escapades since his time as a young seminarian and a young, promising founder of a new religious order could rise to the height of power, influence and success with the evident approval of popes, bishops, political leaders and thousands of the lay faithful.

She has included a chapter about Grupo Integer and the rather mysterious figure ofFather Luis Garza Medina who is said to be the actual head of the multi billion dollar financial holding company empire, although he is not listed as such.


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Who is really in charge of the Legionaries of Christ? is a very interesting question. Is it the old leaders who are all still around, although some have been shuffled around like the proverbial deck chairs on the Titanic? Is it the apostolic delegate, who has recently resigned from his position as head of the Vatican’s economic affairs office but is remaining on for the time being as papal delegate to the Legion?

The questions in the article by Fr. James Farfaglia and in the book lead to more questions, such as who owns the multi billion dollars held in trust by Grupo Integer? How much of the money that has been amassed will be used for Fr. Maciel’s Kingdom of Christ (for their charism, whatever that may be)?

We continue to watch and wait with interest as the answers to these questions slowly unfold.

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