PAPAL ENVY: Going for the Gold of the Petrine Office

It is impossible to ignore the escalating propaganda, the highly visible conventions, and the massive internet proliferation of activities and links, all interlaced but, ultimately leading back to the lay-run Regnum Christi Movement and the Legionaries of Christ. Even as Vatican restrictions have increased against the Legion (the member composition of which has decreased significantly over the past few years) and complaints against Regnum Christi and the Legion have accumulated, their unabashed self-promotion in every conceivable area has intensified.


And what unusual activities they are promoting these days! Aside from hosting win-them-over galas for bishops and wealthy celebrities, holding conferences sponsored by Regnum Christi members (that spotlight their own speakers), and acquiring multi-million dollar retreat houses in strategic locations, the Legion’s recent public activities are out of the usual range of the Church’s concerns (i.e., faith, morals, sacraments). Yet, ecclesial or not, the most of the enterprises paraded on the internet and promoted in brochures benefit from their tax-exempt status and the authority bestowed on them by inclusion in the Official Catholic Directory.


There are so many eclectic and secular affiliates of the Legion – including the Lumen Institute, the Integer Group, Sportsleader, Natural Family Planning through the new (but not improved) Couple to Couple League, National Educational Consultants (made up of one man and his 5 support secretaries), toddler and youth groups (i.e., K4J, YTM, Conquest and Challenge), art sales and shows, private schools, home school organizations, media, movie-productions, and fashion shows.


It is truly amazing how many projects can be launched simultaneously. But who, in reality, runs them? The same Legionary names appear on boards, brochures and tax forms of unrelated activities. The same priests move about from event to event. Their double-breasted black suits are universally visible at events related to fields in which they have a vested interest. Similarly the same names of leaders among Regnum Christi lay-events are as common as the words Made in China are upon everyday goods of the USA. The words solidarity and integral are echoed throughout their myriad enterprises as if they were code words. But are these projects really as good and Catholic as they are touted to be, or are they just painted pigs and ponies for its benefactors and associates to ride on the Legion’s merry-go-round?


How can anyone keep current with so many organizations being repackaged renamed? It is a marketing circus featuring a three-ring show constantly before the public eye, and more than a few ringmasters and magicians perform simultaneously. The Legion makes its own news and reports itself in its many publications and media connections, including Zenit and National Catholic Register. It constantly moves along the necessary stories about itself, whether true or untrue, to keep the spotlight on itself.


Indeed, the Legion, with all its works and pomps, looks very impressive on the internet, in the brochures, and by its advertising. It looks good at the extravagant gala-and-religion events the Legion holds in Rome and elsewhere to impress the bishops, clergy, and wealthy lay leaders. Most appealing of all, the Legion looks very good through the grateful eyes of its targeted benefactors who in turn may find themselves the recipients of extravagant gifts: townhouses, luxury cars, banks, VIP trips, and tours.

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Those who know the reality from the inside are aware that, despite their well-educated smiles, Legionary brothers have nothing, not even health insurance or dental care, and they have nothing when they are dismissed or choose to leave. There are few who have the mind or will to leave on their own initiative; most are told that they have no vocation and should go get married. The Legionary priests as well as the seminarians leave in large numbers, even though this is officially kept quiet. If some health issue does not hasten their earlier departure, the seminarians vanish after about nine and a half years, since ten years marks the amount of time, canonically, that the Legion can avoid having to take financial responsibility for the seminarians’ well-being. Once outside, life is very bleak. Gone are previous friends, familiar family circles, life anchors, and landmarks. The men have no money, no purpose and no place to be; their faith is frequently shredded and their health damaged. They have no degree, no job training and no recommendations. Nor do they receive financial assistance from the Legion when they leave, even though they may have gleaned scores of new recruits and gained millions of dollars for the organization. The door is shut on these men and their history is rewritten, as if they had never existed.


In the face of such wide-spread betrayal and disappointment among former members and supporters, why cannot this travesty be exposed? How can this pirate ship stay afloat legally as well as ecclesiastically? The answer is simple: because they do not look like a pirate ship. Instead, their vessels are painted up and the hands decked out to look like the ships sailing with fleet of St. Peter. The Legion’s true ruse de guerre is to appear legitimate and avoid detection of their predatory intent. The Legion controls a large part of the secular and religious media. They can always find a new poster face – beautiful, young and winsome – to feature in the brochures. Prior to the founder, Marciel Maciel, being exposed for pedophilia, he was the living saint who was always in the spotlight. Since his death in January, 2008, the focus has shifted to a spectacular showcasing of the myriad works and countless apostolates of the Legion and Regnum Christi. It does not matter that many are mere storefronts; the perception of the public eye is that the Legion dominates the Catholic world. Behind everything that is done, however seemingly disconnected, there is a single strategic plan: to control Catholic education, media and public opinion. In doing so, the Legion and Regnum Christi can arrogate to themselves the voice of the legitimate authority of the Church.


This unholy ambition is little known to the rank-and-file Legionaries, less to the Regnum Christi members, and not at all to the Church hierarchy or the laity. Fr. Luis Garza, L.C., Fr. Evarista Sada, L.C., Fr. JosE Ortega, L.C., Fr. Anthony Bailleres, L.C. – these are thering-masters who govern the whole show. The other Territorial Directors, including Fr. Alvero Corcuera, are only their puppets. Joined by the wealthiest man in the world, Carlos Slim, who has promised to build fifty universities for the Legion, the real bosses of the Legion have their business origins and financial interests with other interconnected families that are concentrated in and around Monterrey, Mexico. However, Monterrey is not the only source; there is a network of global centers. Moscow has more billionaires than any city in the world, and the Legion is building its network there. In the seminaries, Chinese is being taught, which will help with the establishment of a Far East market. The Jerusalem Center is strategically situated in the oil-rich Middle East.


The boast of the Legion has always been, We’re going to take over the Church. It is well on its way to accomplishing this goal. The Legion has taken over good ideas, good will, and good people – and we must not forget good money – and turned them all to serve its own ends. One thing is certain: the Legion’s mission is to serve itself. Its constant purpose is to make money, to recruit, to spread influence, to take over existing organizations, and to polish up its public image.


There is a towering arrogance behind the Legion’s concerted efforts to identify with the Church and to become its leading authority, or perhaps to fool people into believing that this is so. Another word for legionary is mercenary or soldier of fortune. The concept of soldiers of fortune fits the Legionaries very accurately. The army of the Legion and its lay organization, Regnum Christi, are always seeking fortunes. Their apostolates are required (by Legionary central command) to show a profit; those which fail to do so are dropped.


The apostolic enterprises have a triple purpose: to recruit, to improve their overall public image, and to fill the Legion’s coffers with hundreds of millions of dollars in tax-exempt donations, which get passed around in circular giving in order to benefit a whole string of otherwise incongruous LC/RC enterprises. This amazingly effective propaganda machine takes any subject matter or fad of the moment, reworks it to their satisfaction, renames it and sets it spinning on the internet as a new apostolate. The whole new enterprise can be run by one or two people, or possibly none, since many of the apostolates are merely storefront operations. It is a vast web, reaching the ends of the globe and successfully shaping public perception. Furthered by massive advertising and appearances on the internet, the false illusion is being created that the Legion is the highest authority on every aspect of modern life in the Church and in the World.


If the Grand Prize for the Legion is control of the Papacy, then these seemingly unrelated activities make sense, like bells swinging together in a single tower. If the Legion and their affiliates intends to set itself up in public opinion as the New Vatican, it must undermine, out-shout, or spin to their advantage Pope Benedict XVI’s every message, even while toadying up to him, even as it did to Pope John Paul II. This is exactly what has been done, and a constant whisper campaign goes around to this effect: Pope Benedict just does not understand the Legion as well as the saintly Pope John Paul, but that can be corrected with a future pope. We’ll be patient.


The Legion has extensive secret files on its priests and seminarians, including their families. Files are kept on Regnum Christi members, both the consecrated women and lay members as well. The rival North American College in Rome trains top academic seminarians sent there from dioceses all over the USA; the Legion keeps secret files on these seminarians, too. Sometimes, NAC men are persuaded to join the Legion, but more often they are simply tagged for the future. These impressive young men who are studying for the priesthood and are the same age as the Legionary brothers will one day have parishes of their own. If these future diocesan priests can be won-over while they are in Rome, they will become useful to the Legion in a few years. The parish to which a diocesan priest is assigned will provide a portal through which the Legionaries can enter a diocese without the bishop’s official permission. A Regnum Christi program such as K4J, Challenge, Pure Fashion, or Familia needs only the approval of the parish pastor; such programs then begin to take away support and money that would otherwise go to the parish. Incidentally, diocesan priests can also be members of Regnum Christi, and the Legion is fishing for their talent and support. (Sacrados is a magazine for priests published by the Legion and epriest is a website for parish priests, but both present the Legion in the best possible PR spotlight).


It is the intention that is corrupt, not the Catholic message or setting that is wrong. The treachery lies in using good for self-serving ends. It is wrong to hold a hidden agenda of recruiting to the Legion or Regnum Christi through the publication, retreat, or institute. It is fraudulent to reach out to diocesan priests, who are too often isolated, in order to use their parishioners for recruiting. Most alarming, however, are the Legion’s secret global files on the Catholic hierarchy, leading politicians, cultural leaders, top businessmen, and wealthy philanthropists. Totalitarian governments and the mafia are known keep similar files stored to be exploited as needed. Throughout history, blackmail and bribery have ever been effective tools of manipulation. It is not unreasonable to assume that men of the hierarchy who are compromised would make easy targets for such despicable practices. Those who cannot be persuaded to support the Legion by bribery will knuckle before the threat of blackmail.


The Legion’s vast enterprise is like a maniac with a microphone standing before the façade of Jesus and His apostles atop St. Peter’s and shouting to the crowds below: All this belongs to ME! All of it is MINE! Like a carnival barker who invites all to step right up, the Legionary’s PR voice incessantly proclaims that the Legion is:


  • The voice of Catholic parenting, surpassing legitimate parents


  • The voice of Catholic psychology


  • The voice of Catholic tradition and conservatism


  • The voice of Catholic media


  • The voice of Catholic education, at all levels


  • The voice of Catholic radio


  • The voice of Catholic women


  • The voice of Children’s programs and youth activities


  • The voice of Catholic sexual ethics and bioethics


  • The voice of Catholic married couple’s support in NFP


  • The voice of Catholic pro-life


  • The voice of Catholic TV and media


  • The voice of Catholic exorcist training


  • The voice of Catholic environmentalism


  • The voice of Catholic home schooling


  • The voice of Catholic scientific endeavor


  • The voice of Catholic culture


  • The voice of Catholic taste and fashion


Above all others, We’re number one! We’re the BEST! And so the self-serving madman shouts down to the people below that the Legion is:


  • The global formator of priests, including reformation of diocesan priests


  • The international formator of lay men and women


  • The wise adviser to other religious orders and to Church leaders


  • The Pope’s most trusted advisor on all matters


  • The foremost provider of support and retreat centers for priests


  • The leader in world culture and art


  • The leading consultant of educators


  • The founder of the best schools, worldwide


  • The standard for good manners and etiquette in public events


  • The main provider of Roman hospitality for bishops and cardinals


  • The leading outreach to global initiatives in many countries


  • The most influential Catholic publisher


  • The leader of Catholic writing


  • The most ecumenically-minded on the world stage


  • The most athletic and confident of manly men


  • The intellectual authority on scientific developments


  • The supernatural authority on Marian apparitions


  • The most effective of exorcists


  • The best giver of advice on childrearing


  • The dominant presence in missionary ventures


  • The creator of teen-age fashion and manners


  • The creator of the most popular movies


  • The developer of educational curricula


This is neither a whimsical nor casual list. Astounding as it may seem, all have detectible ties to the Legion and their affiliates. The Legion seeks to co-opt not only leadership in religious life but also most areas of secular life as well. The resulting conglomerate gives the powerful and rich Regnum Christi businessmen a competitive edge through networking and tax-shelters, as their various apostolates grow into monopolies, eliminating all rivals in their concentrated areas of activity and enterprise:


  • Banks, micro-lending, stocks, and investments


  • Real estate and mortgage industry


  • Political events and elections


  • Credit cards


  • Internet companies


  • Sports at all levels


  • Media and filmmaking


  • Global communications, internet, data, and cyber-business


The Legion does not showcase its many connections, and faithful Catholics do not see the Legion’s increasing coups in high and low places. With the help of their business affiliates and Regnum Christi connections, the Legion appropriates any good idea, initiative or thing, repackages it and sells it under their own name-brand label.? Hundreds of millions of dollars are pumped into this vast marketing, advertising, and PR effort. In this noisy and vulgar shell-game, few can follow the slight-of-hand.


How many of those who have invested in the Legion have also risen financially by the LC/RC network of tax-exempt circular giving? It is impossible to say, but more than a few score of the NYC-DC-Naples-Dallas-Houston-Atlanta set must be laughing at how their membership among the elite in the Movement has become an opportunity for them to do splendidly for themselves and to gain all kinds of profit while supporting the Legion – simultaneously kindling candles for God and for the Devil.


Everyone wants to back what looks like a winning and successful endeavor, and the Legion certainly portrays itself in this golden light. Many have been and continue to be dazzled by the glow of Legionary fool’s gold. The reality, however, translates into something quite different – disappointment, sadness, anger, betrayal, and regret. These are the real fruits of the Legion and Regnum Christi: loss of legitimate Church authority, loss of family, and loss of community. The list of losses is long: lost children, trust, faith, fortunes, purpose, lives, opportunities, vocations, and time – all lost. Massive confusion reigns where once a clear-eyed, young Legionary novice stood, proud to be in training for the priesthood and eager to serve God. It is no wonder that so many who leave have a crisis of faith; some become permanently disaffected from the Church.


What knowing Catholic can in good conscience endorse the new slavery that makes this empire possible? The slaves are not just the diminishing ranks of Legionary priests who trustingly obey those in higher command. There is a much larger and highly mobile army of athletic, handsome, well-mannered, young LC seminarians who dress exactly like priests, and sometimes are instructed to call themselves Padre, when priests are scarce. The grunt-work of their operations run in large part because of mandatory volunteer service (i.e., co-workers and giving a year…or ten). These co-workers are always very young, college-age youths – old enough to be considered legal adults, however – who are sent to South America, Central America, Europe, or the Middle East. Once out of the USA with its protective laws, these young people can unwittingly further business connections, even as they give a living promotion of the LC/RC kingdom. In this way, the Regnum Christi has a self-perpetuating pool made up of very low-wage, dedicated workers who become dependent on the Movement for their livelihood and future, but who are poor enough that they can be removed with prejudice and without repercussions.


The Legion has been called a parallel church, and so it is. But it is more accurately a fifth column, a group of people which clandestinely undermines a larger group to which loyalty is expected. What is the solution for all this? Simply: the fifth column that the Legion has erected within the Church and in the Free World needs to come down. No free republic, no Christian community needs this kind of exploitation and misery masquerading as good. How can the Church remain faithful or the republic remain free if both are controlled by a tax-exempt monopoly that has billions of dollars at the disposal of a multi-faceted and enormous financial empire which is both corrupt and dangerous?


What a nightmare for the courts lies ahead! Will the faithful-in-the-pews be required to pay, as happens in the corporate world, as with the demise of companies such as Enron? Or will the Church be held responsible for the Legion’s illicit practices, as it has been for the predatory practices of pedophile priests? Will the Church be seen as complicit, since the Legion’s priests are now receiving official diocesan assignments and are running retreats for diocesan priests? Their organizations are listed on numerous parish websites and bulletins, as well as in national directories, including the Official Catholic Directory. All endorse the LC/RC apostolates and schools as reliably Catholic. What happens when the entire outfit is exposed for the lie that it is and people start asking, as they will: Why didn’t the bishop protect my son/daughter from getting sucked into this? Will the USCCB continue to state, as it has in the past, that bishops have no authority over the Legion?


Maciel is dead. His underling bosses who run the Legion should not have authority over the faithful; they should be put in jail. And all those bewildered, faithful LC/RC supporters, who do not have a clue about the real nature of the outfit they have been supporting, should be led back into the True Church – not away from it by the Legionary imposter. They can continue their good works, but their support for Regnum Christi, by any name, must cease and desist. Many captive hearts need to be ransomed.


The only thing that should be in the heart or on the roof of St. Peter’s is the figure of Christ and His apostles, not a rapacious pirate hiding behind the Savior’s banner or attempting to raise that standard, as if it were of the Legion’s own making.


The Lying Legionary

By Glenn Favreau

For Christians, no treatise is necessary to show that lying is sinful. The notion is engrained in us, as a type of expression of the natural law. It is sinful to lie, but it is also inhuman, in other words, to lie makes a person less of a human being.

Lying by Example
The Legionary of Christ is trained to lie from the very onset of his vocation. There are no classes in lying taught immediately after Gregorian Chant class on Friday nights, because the approach is more “subtle” given by example as well as by command. Within the Legion, a variety of subterfuges justify the lying, and amazingly, even many of those who have left the Legion years ago still engage in the practice. Along with the lies, many former members wish to advance the “Kingdom” by sending ReGAIN letters in support of the Legion, which are laced with profanity and obscenities. The ability to distinguish between what is appropriate and objective sin is obviously lost, as such letters usually end with a curiously contradictory “In Christ” or “I will pray for you.”

Self Importance and the Rule of Discretion
Legionaries often keep secrets, under the guise of what they call “discretion,” with the excuse of protecting the Legion from the scheming of its “enemies.” We were told countless times that if a certain fact got out, the enemies of the Legion (Jesuits, Masons, Communists, and Zionists) would sabotage the work of God for the Kingdom. What sort of organization, admittedly small and of limited influence, would be so willing to do so much in the name of a false sense of self-importance? Do these groups really even know who the Legionaries of Christ are, let alone even care if they take over yet another struggling Catholic School?

It’s the Mexican Way!?
Another flimsy excuse for abusing the truth is the dubious statement, “The Legion is Mexican in origin, and it is the Mexican way.” I know many Mexicans who would take issue with such a bigoted statement. And, even if the argument were to be entertained as true, then evangelizing such a society about integrity and the importance of telling the truth would be an obvious mandate of the Church. Using this purported defect to advance the project of evangelization should be unconscionable and indefensible. Good things are never to be pursued by bad means.
The Legionary is trained in a variety of instances to lie. The examples below, together with corresponding excuses are compiled and attested to by various ex-members. These instances are not isolated. They are the norm and they are habitual.

On Leaving the Legion
Superiors often lie to their subjects regarding those brothers and priests who leave the Legion. “He was mentally ill” or “He was sent on a special secret mission for the pope by Nuestro Padre” are just a couple of the ridiculous examples we witnessed, used by worried superiors wanting to keep hold of the men under their watch. There must be a better way to protect the remaining vocations than to lie about the discernment process of exiting members.
Parents are routinely lied to about the spiritual well-being of their sons, and by their own sons themselves. Legion rules dictate this. The religious may never reveal the true nature of his spiritual life to his parents. Parents are not only left out of vocational discernment, but are deceived as to its progress. A parent is often the last person to know when his or her son leaves the Legion, and that phone call is often to ask for money for the plane ticket home.

Render onto Caesar!
To avoid undesirable consequences for the Legion and to advance the Kingdom of Christ, Legionaries often lie to legitimate legal authorities. The Legionary seems to think that he will be held to a different standard than any other person because of his “divine mission.”
With the excuse that “everyone does it” (usually in Italy and Mexico), Legionaries constantly lie to civil authorities. This is done in matters of construction permits, vehicle registration, tax exemptions, fiscal reporting, and so on. Once again, the Kingdom is more important than the truth, the end more compelling than the illicit means to achieve it.
Legionaries even lie to immigration officials as if the Legion were more important then this vital regulation of public welfare. Young Latin Americans are brought to different countries, including the United States, and are granted student visas when in fact these young people are being used as cheap labor in Legion houses. Without any educational process in place, not even a local language class, the Legion attests under oath that they are students.
Young workers from other countries are often lied to when they are told how much they will make, and assured that the Legion will provide for their high school education. That is simply a fallacy. Future “apostles” -even entire families – who actually move from one country to another to be missionaries, are told of the wonderful work they will do for the Kingdom. At times, they are suddenly told that their participation is not needed and they have to return to their home at their own expense.

Un-Intellectual Misinformation
The Legion is expert in falsifying educational records. Seminarians who fall behind or fail in their studies have their grades adjusted by their superiors so that they can graduate or get degrees. The Legion has no qualms about lying to the state with regard to educational requisites for high school degrees. (Certain high-ranking superiors in the United States have benefited from this. The existence of high-ranking superiors without the ability to pass high school subjects speaks volumes of the intellectual formation in the Legion of Christ). Seminarians who have not yet finished their required studies will have falsified educational records sent to the Vicariate of Rome for ordination. (Certainly, in the secular world, even so-called “best selling authors” would find their resumes in question if the truth was told about their real qualifications. But if the excuse that everyone pads resumes is valid, then the Legionary priest is not setting a very high example.)

The Almighty (Buck)
The Legion of Christ is notorious for not paying its creditors on time and for often defaulting on bill payment. The Legionary brother who fields creditor calls is an expert in lying to people who are legitimately owed money that the Legion has used in the form of goods and services.
Anyone asking for money from the Legion of Christ for any purpose has heard the same lie for decades now: “Given the economic crisis that the Legion is passing through due to the devaluation of the Mexican peso!.” Many readers will laugh at this as they have seen it so many times. I personally had a macro for it on the computer that I used to write letters for the General Directorate and for Marcial Maciel in the early 1990s.
Benefactors of the Legion are constantly lied to as to the destination of their donations. Whether their gifts were solicited for the missions, the welfare of the Candidates, the building of a particular seminary, or the altar of a new chapel, funds are simply not earmarked that way in the Legion’s “centralized” economy. Additionally, the same altar will be “bought” over and over again by many benefactors who have been led to believe that their hard-earned money will be the crowning touch of the wonderful chapel.
On a subject that certainly crosses the line of impropriety, Legionaries who work in the financial offices are told to throw Mass intentions into the garbage without keeping track of names, with the excuse that “There are just too many, we will just lump them all together.” The money, of course, is not returned to the donor. Mass intentions are sacrosanct, and lying to the faithful in this regard is particularly evil, especially when these Mass intentions are specifically solicited by the Legion.

Father Told Me So
Another source of lies in the Legion is the superiors themselves. Often, individual Legionaries are specifically instructed to lie ! both to individuals outside the Movement and to each other. One common example would be the dispatch of a religious on an unannounced assignment; he would often be told to tell his fellow religious something other than the truth. Again, this is a perfect example of the obsession with secrecy and self-importance of the Legion itself.
Entire communities, and the entire Legion itself are at times told to lie by major superiors. Usually the mandate comes in the form of a letter indicating what to say to “outsiders”when asked certain questions. Half-truths are to be told about apostolates, rather than revealing some all-important project that is going to “lock Satan in Hell forever.”Unfortunately, the motivation is often pride or actual fear that ulterior motives may be revealed.
Legionaries routinely lie about the true nature of many apostolates, especially those designed by superiors for recruiting for the Regnum Christi. Too often, people are told the truth about recruitment and incorporation into the Regnum Christi only after many high-pressure tactics and love-bombing have firmly planted the hook in them.
Stories abound of Legionaries lying to people whom they visit when on road trips to recruit or look for funds. The motivation is to get more money, better meals, or better lodging. So the unsuspecting hosts will offer one or more of these things, being led to believe that the poor priest and brother have nowhere to stay the night, when in fact, they have already secured more humble lodgings elsewhere.
Legion superiors have for many years manipulated reports of the numbers of religious and priests in the Legion. Self-reporting to the United States Catholic Directory or the Pontifical Directory (Annuario Pontificio) is notoriously inaccurate with regard to the Legion of Christ. This manipulation is perfectly calculated to give false impressions about growth and presence in a given place. Ironically, these statistics are falsified in both directions: either to give the impression that the Legion is much greater than in reality, or to minimize a large presence in a city or country, depending on the needs and whims of major superiors.

If Only the Bishop Knew
Bishops and diocesan officials are the targets of many lies by the Legion of Christ. Without mentioning the many specific examples which have been documented in dioceses and by the press, there is a certain trend that is worth delineating: bishops are told only a part of the truth of the activities of the Legion and the Regnum Christi, when they are told at all. Leaving out important points such as the planned foundation and take over of Catholic schools (using the excuse that the school is private and will later seek diocesan approval) is a typical approach. Recruitment of vocations for the Legion is a secret not to be shared with bishop who simply will not understand or who is not getting any vocations for his own diocese at present anyway.

Wouldn’t it be Nice! – if it Were True
Young men who are targeted for recruitment by the Legion of Christ have been told a whole series of lies regarding life in the Legion in order to hook them and reel them in. One of the most vicious of these lies concerns the promise of education. For decades, the Legion has promised young men that they will study for a civil career in the Legion. I was told that only twenty years ago. The Legion has never delivered on that promise. On the other hand, if a Legionary leaves under difficult circumstances, the congregation will occasionally “lose” critical transcripts, forcing the man to retake years of classes. Lies, in this case, go hand-in-hand with personal retribution.

Weak Vocations of the Miracle Congregation
The strong and revolutionary vocational training program of the Legion of Chris -?that promises the Church such robust and faithful young men -is the same training program that treats its own members as if they cannot handle the slightest challenge to their vocation. The brothers are lied to constantly about any detail that a superior might thing will cause the infamous “vocational crisis” in them. It seems such a contradiction that the well-formed Legionaries cannot know about important news events, church dissenters, any questions or criticisms of the Legion, or family difficulties. From the youngest member to the oldest, from the novice to the new priest, the Legionaries are “protected” from these“vicious,” potentially “crisis-causing” events. Superior either simply omit such things from the subjects’ world of knowledge, or lies outright about the details.
If, for example, a brother is never told of the marital problems through which his parents are passing, even to the point of separation, then those who deprive him of letters from home which outline that situation are lying to him (not to mention depriving the family of essential prayer support). What good is his vocation if he “saves” the world and yet denies his own family the honest communication it deserves?

Hat in Hand Humility Hype
Legionaries are trained to be very humble with outsiders (although some arrogance does seep through) in order to gain confidence and sympathy. “Here are these nice young men, so poor and humble coming to ask me to give them my house and my life savings for the Kingdom. How can I resist?” Those who are best at this type of scam are sent out to represent a multi-million dollar corporation – run by a priest who is a member of the richest family in the world, the Garza Medina family and founded by a man who taught his spiritual sons to lie to cover up his sexual abuse of them – indeed, a man who could not fly in less than first class or stay in anything less than a five star hotel himself.

The Whisper Campaign
One of the most insidious and evil forms of outright lying in the Legion by individual Legionaries is employed to deal with “dissenters” who leave the Regnum Christi. They deftly combine ostracizing with backhanded whispers about these traitorous souls. Many ex-members of the Regnum Christi find themselves subtly but effectively blackballed, losing a considerable number of their friends and associates. If individuals opt out of the Regnum Christi, then they are totally out – and lies about them, their motivation, and their spiritual and moral life will guarantee that they be treated like lepers among the “chosen ones” who are still under the thrall of the Legion and Marcial Maciel.
God help any diocesan priest or bishop who does not see eye to eye with the Legion. He will be targeted by a campaign of innuendo and tarred as not faithful to the Pope. Whispers and innuendo are the tools used to carry falsehoods to the point of destroying individual reputations.

Oh yeah: and all for the good of the Kingdom.
The fact that the Legion covers this behavior with so-called fidelity to the Pope, then wraps it up in a cassock and tops it off with perfectly-gelled hair makes the reality no more pretty or acceptable. A lie is a lie is a lie. And a liar is in league with the powers of evil. The sooner that members see what this “inspired” methodology masks, the better’ and an honest evaluation of real integrity would find that their “Kingdom” is built on very shaky ground indeed.

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