Want to help the Legion of Christ Sell Masses? It’s all about Fundraising: Regnum Christi Federation

Just discovered a new job opportunity:

Mass Program Customer Service Representative


October 15, 2020

(Independent Contractor)

 Legionaries of Christ, a congregation of Roman Catholic priest, is seeking a Mass Program Customer Service Representative to support the Mass Program Coordinator and Direct Marketing Development Officer. This person will help the Legionaries of Christ develop and maintain donor loyalty by assisting with the fulfillment of and response to the many Mass requests received daily. This person will complete these assignments in a mission-oriented, compassionate environment.

 Weekly Deliverables:

a) Mailings:

a. Assembling Mass cards and folders, arranging them in their proper slots.

b. Stuffing and folding all Mass confirmation letters and preparing them for mailing.

c. Prepare Mass card Packets to be mailed.

d. Use sendPro mailing system, provided by Legion, to mail all Mass card packages.

b) Donor Relations:

a. Maintain information in Salesforce database including weekly input of Mass batches and keeping credit card information current. 

b. Call specific donors to thank them for their recent donation and support.

c) Social Media: Post Facebook and Instagram content prepared by others.

 Payment: Invoices will be submitted monthly for approval and payment.


• 3-4 years’ experience in customer service.

• Excellent written and verbal communications skills are necessary.

• Excellent organization skills.

• Proficiency in MS Office, especially Word, Excel.

• Proficient with data entry skills with attention to detail; experience with Salesforce software is preferred.

With “Mass Program Customer Service Representative” in the subject line, please email proposal and cover letter detailing qualifications to: careers@arcol.org

J.Paul Lennon has been using his COVID-19 lockdown to read and comment on his autobiography- A Naive and Sentimental Dubliner in the Legion of Christ– on YouTube. Here he will regale you with the latest episode, commenting on Chapter 14 which describes his participation in fundraising as a young seminarian.

A couple of chapters in the latter part of his book want to tell the reader What Fr. Maciel was really like without the aura of adulation which surrounded him even to his unrepentant deathbed: his human personality, his strenghts and weaknesses. Looking back now, objectively, the author realizes very clearly that Fr. Maciel was in fact charismatic.

But his was not a spiritual charism – usually associated with founders of relgious orders. His was a totally human, one might say materialistic- charism. He has been called by investigative journalist Jason Berry the greatest Catholic Fundraiser of the second half of the XX century. And it seems that this charism was transmitted to his followers, male and female.

They carry on his mission with and without the permission of local bishops.

An example of the Legion/Regnum Christi Federation’s of this particular talent was recently submitted by a perceptive reader.

Begin quote:

Golf tournament supports Regnum Christi causes Southern Nebraska Register Official website of the Catholic Diocese of Lincoln.

This is how the LC/RC stays under Vatican radar.

They waited until Bishop Conley was out of town trying to regain his health, poor man. Then, they swooped in and OPENLY declared their presence and made it look like there was a connection with other Catholic groups and particularly with the Our Lady of Good Counsel Retreat Center — which was once owned by the LC and sold to the diocese. Bishop Conley forbade them in his diocese! These sly devils raise money through a dozen culverts to suck up the treasure that would otherwise go to the ministry of the Church through fund raising. They do not often allow their name to be associated with their fund raising efforts. But the use of Regnum Christi has replaced Legionaries of Christ, as if it were the new-new thing. In fact, it is the religious division of criminal-connected world bankers who are using people’s desire to do good as a rich vein for their own corrupt money, money, money.

End quote

Does the Regnum Christi Federation exert Coercive Control?

As many of you know, ICSA director Rod Dubrow-Marshall, PhD and Linda Dubrow-Marshall, PhD began a Master’s program on the Psychology of Coercive Control at the University of Salford (UK) three years ago. For the 2020-21 academic year, the master’s program will be delivered completely online. Go here for more info, including how to apply to the program which begins late September (www.salford.ac.uk/pgt-courses/psychology-of-coercive-control).   Because of a law passed by the UK government in 2015 ( Section 76 of the Serious Crime Act), the concept of coercive control encompasses psychological as well as physical actions and effects. The Salford master’s program elaborates upon this concept and prepares students to work with those affected by cults, domestic violence, trafficking, and other areas of coercive control. Rod and Linda will lead a special ICSA 60-minute webinar on coercive control and the Salford master’s program which will be broadcast on Friday July 24th at 12 pm eastern time (New York time). The Link for this webinar will be sent to the ICSA network nearer to the date.   Register for this webinar now, while tickets are available. Choose the “Coercive Control Webinar” ticket (https://icsahome.networkforgood.com/events/14026-webinar-and-online-conference-registrations-2020).

Elena Sada, Former Consecrated Regnum Christi Leader, publishes her Testimony

Blackbird—A Memoir: The Story of a Woman Who Submitted to Marcial Maciel, Became Free, and Found Happiness Again

By Elena Sada

Reviewed by J. Paul Lennon

Published in ICSA Today 10.2

Independently published. 2018. ISBN-10: 1720136327; ISBN-13: 978-1720136323 (paperback). $17.89 (Amazon.com; $6.99, Kindle). 240 pages.

This book could be called Leaving and Getting a Life After the Regnum Christi Catholic Lay Movement. Elena Sada, with captivating prose, tells how she finally exited the Regnum Christi Catholic lay Movement named Consecrated Women (3gf,1 in Legion-of-Christ code) and takes back her life. She mixes colorful past and present narrative, dream sequences, and flashbacks to lend spice to her harrowing but hopeful tale, embedding her growth in real-life experiences with significant others, family, and friends. She also uses her daily experiences during her long transition to look back on life in the Regnum Christi (RC). The memoir is relatively short and divided into small chapters, which make for lively reading. Hard to put down, it could be read in one sitting; but your counselor might suggest you eat it in small portions because some of the food could feel toxic (especially for former members).

Gripping the reader from the onset, Elena describes her furtive “escape” from the Potomac MD house in the early morning hours. This big step came after many thoughts, feelings, and attempts, and after many consultations with superiors who persuaded her she had a vocation and had to stay.

Sensual feelings repressed under the draconian regime of hypocrite reprobate founder Fr. Marcial Maciel rose from their slumber as the author made her way back into real life, which involved being human and being a woman. It was all about choosing life, her real self, heretofore buried under a myriad of rules, the “The Regnum Christi Statutes”; these had controlled her every thought, feeling, and action for 20 years. At idealistic 18, back in the cozy cocoon of her wealthy home in Monterrey, Mexico, she had unknowingly chosen self-imposed depersonalization for a “greater cause,” the Kingdom of Christ.

We learn what it’s like to live, what it’s like to leave, what it’s like to get a life after the Regnum Christi. Elena is not the first to do so. But she is the first to “tell it like it is.” Elena gives us a blow-by-blow explanation of moving from cloister to career. She gives detailed information about her transition. So her story may help many of her sisters find the courage to leave/or reclaim their true selves and learn how to concretely travel their recovery journey.

Elena’s optimism, good humor, and hope make the harrowing hayride bearable and at times downright funny. Be prepared as she discovers—uncovers?—her sensuality, spiked with a wicked sense of humor. As I read, I realized that celibacy was just as hard for the RC women as it was for this reviewer, “an LC man” (see Our Father Who Art in Bed, a Naïve and Sentimental Dubliner in the Legion of Christ, 2008)2—and maybe even more so. Women are by nature more in touch with their bodies… all the time, it seems. Though Maciel’s masochism took a toll on men, it seems to have damaged women even more.

A poignant example of Elena’s traumatic experiences is how she suffered from not being allowed to keep a private journal. This facet of the emptying out of one’s real self to be replaced by the cult-self is well portrayed in Chapter 30.

Few, if any, former RC consecrated women have been able to speak up and speak out about the torture they endured. Elena shows great courage in describing her self and her journey, warts and all. Her detailed description of her recovery journey is a useful guidebook for those who may be considering that leap in the dark. I would recommend it as a companion book to cult experts Lalich and Tobias’s Take Back Your Life,3 and Livia Bardin’s Starting Out in Mainstream America.4


[1] 3gf, which means Tercer Grado Femenino—Third Level Female member of the Regnum Christi Movement.

[2] See https://www.amazon.com/Our-Father-Who-Art-Bed/dp/1419676628

[3]See https://www.amazon.com/Take-Back-Your-Life-Relationships-ebook/dp/B001RNPD9M/ref=sr_1_fkmrnull_2?keywords=Tobias+and+Lalich%2C+Take+Back+Your+Life&qid=1551629445&s=books&sr=1-2-fkmrnull

[4] See https://www.amazon.com/Take-Back-Your-Life-Relationships-ebook/dp/B001RNPD9M and http://cultrecovery101.com/tag/livia-bardin/

About the Reviewer

J. Paul Lennon, STL, MA, LPC, Board member, Regain Network (Religious Groups Awareness International Network). In 2008 Paul published a memoir, Our Father Who Art in Bed, A Naive and Sentimental Dubliner in the Legion of Christ. Since retiring from his day job as a child and family therapist in 2014, he has been contacted by individuals and parents involved with various Catholic and Christian groups. He still counsels and supports members and former members of the Legion of Christ and Regnum Christi, and also members of other heretofore bona fide but high-demand Catholic groups, associations, and orders. He continues to coordinate ReGAIN (https://regainnetwork.org), where he can be contacted. Presently living in La Antigua, Guatemala, he is available to residents and visitors involved with or concerned about questionable groups.