Another undeterred intra-ecclesial Catholic Sect? Heralds of the Gospel, Arautos do Evangelho -Part One

Another undeterred Intra-ecclesial Catholic Sect? Heralds of the Gospel hearken back to the Middle Ages

Heralds of the Gospel, Arautos do Evangelho, in the order’s Brazilian Portuguese

Five years ago, the ReGAIN was contacted by a former member of this organization who expressed his concern after a female friend had just taken her perpetual vows. The former Herald was surprised that this controversial group was approved by the Vatican. He alleged that a cultist association, TFP (Tradition, Family and Property), after the death of its founder, Plinio Correa de Oliveira, had transformed itself into the Church-approved Heralds of the Gospel.

Not long ago, a small group of Heralds, in full regalia, were spotted at the Guatemalan Immigration Center in Guatemala City getting their papers in order. Looks like they have spread to this Central American country too.

The author sought some general information in Wikipedia:

“The Heralds of the Gospel (Portuguese: Arautos do Evangelho; Latin: Evangelii Praecones, abbreviated to EP)[1] is a Roman Catholic International Association of Pontifical Right based in Brazil.[2] Founded by Msgr. João Scognamiglio Clá Dias, the organization is active in 78 countries.[3]

The Heralds of the Gospel are a successor organization to the original Brazilian Society for the Defense of Tradition, Family and Property, and also claim heritage to the beliefs of its founder, Plinio Corrêa de Oliveira. They were created on 21 September 1999 but were only recognized as an “International Association of Pontifical Right”, the first established by the Holy See in the third millennium, on the liturgical feast of the Chair of St. Peter, 22 February 2001.”[i] Known for their outfit, similar to a short tunic, with a big red and white cross on the chest, and boots like those of jockeys (see photo), the Heralds…”

See the rest on Wikipedia.

To be continued….


3 thoughts on “Another undeterred intra-ecclesial Catholic Sect? Heralds of the Gospel, Arautos do Evangelho -Part One”

  1. this man in the center is Ronaldo Baccelli he is a monster. There is nothing Catholic about him. feeling sad for all those young boys around him.

  2. That’s who they were!
    Two young ladies attended daily Mass last fall(2018,) at St. John the Evangelist in Naples, FL. Very distinctive dress, and not in keeping with the heat. Their hair was in barrettes and a ponytail. The eerily identical placement of barrettes made me think “high control.”

  3. It is and always has been normal for members of an order to dress the same, Franciscans, Carmelites, Jesuits etc. You noticed their barrettes but not the beautiful cross on the front of their habits! This order is approved by the Catholic Church and is not/not a cult as are those separated from the One True Church. If you would have approached these religious you would have discovered their distinct and wonderful personalities which I hope would have dispelled any ideas of control.

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