(bilingue) Legion of Christ fears Pope Francis Intervention! Legion de Cristo teme nueva intervencion del Papa

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See article, which refers to Fr. Maciel, Founder of the Legion of Christ as the “Prince of Perverts”: Pope Francis sets a new standard of Accountability

Let me be clear:

the Legion of Christ hierarchy has not responded to the Letter sent them by the last remaining victims of their Founder´s criminal sex abuse. They have not done what the victim´s requested as is patent in our previous article. They refused to bring the issue to the General Chapter´s attention and have been doing damage control instead. Why don´t they take the same decision as the Chilean bishops for covering up and minimizing Fr. Maciel´s horrendous crimes?

They are now in the phase of political maneuvering, to save face and money. A crying shame!

Quiero ser claro:

la jerarquía/cúpula de la Legión de Cristo no ha respondido a la Carta de las víctimas del abuso sexual criminal de su Fundador.  No ha hecho lo que pidieron las víctimas como demonstramos en nuestro artículo anterior. Rehusaron poner el tema delante de los padre Capitulares en su reunión extraordinaria para que los legionarios se dieran cuenta de la injusticia institucional de su querida Legión. Prefirieron practicar “control de daños”, damage control, manejando las cosas a su manera, con cautela y astucia (Carisma legado de su fundador).

Han pasado a la etapa de la manipulacion de los hechos y de las personas para salvar las apariencias y los bolsillos. ¡Una verguenza!

The Mexican-founded order is afraid Pope Francis, who is presently cleaning out the filth in the Chilean episcopacy, will do the same to the Legion leadership.

La Orden mexicana teme que el Papa Francisco que ahora esta limpiando la porqueria de la Iglesia chilena haga lo mismo con ellos.

Pope Francis has suddenly realized that Church authorities have been too lax with sex abusers and pedophile founders. He has acknowledged his grave mistake in Chile (Fr. Karadima) and is laying the axe to the roots.

El Papa Francisco, después del furor que causó en Chile, se ha dado cuenta que la Iglesia ha sido muy negligente con los abusadores sexuales y los pedofilos. El Papa ha actuado con energía con los obispos chilenos.

He may come to realize how the Legion of Christ has been dragging its feet in acknowledging, asking formal pardon and compensating their founders abuses.

Temen que el Papa se de cuenta que ellos han estado arrastrando los pies en cuanto pedir perdon formal al grupo de victimas de Marcial Maciel su fundador y que no han querido reunirse con las victimas, tratarles como grupo, ni compensarles.

Quieren escabullirse y ahorrar dinero!

The Legion does not want to face the music of accusations against Maciel. They are avoiding, as we said in the previous article, meeting with the group of accuser victims so as not to make a formal apology as an order and compensate them accordingly

They are trying to avoid responsibility and save money!

They are taking steps to split the group, attempting to sneakily approach each one individually.

La Legion ya comenzo su tactica de dividir el grupo de querellantes, y de forma astuta y secreta quiere acercarse a cada uno de forma individual.

Imitating the guile of their serial pedophile founder

Imitando así el ejemplo de su pedófilo y astuto fundador.


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2 thoughts on “(bilingue) Legion of Christ fears Pope Francis Intervention! Legion de Cristo teme nueva intervencion del Papa

  1. terryloane says:
    terryloane – Freelance trainer and educator.

    As I may have said before on this page, I believe the previous Pope (and/or those who advised him) made an enormous and cowardly error after the full extent of Maciel’s depravity was finally acknowledged in 2010.

    It is surely obvious that what the Catholic Church should have done at that stage was simply to have closed down and abolished the Legion of Christ and Regnum Christi. Legion priests could have been given the option to join their local diocese as a ‘regular’ priest or to join another order, perhaps the Jesuits. But the Pope/Church lacked the courage to take this decisive step. Perhaps this was because they feared that, given Jean Paul II’s earlier endorsement of Maciel as “an efficacious guide to youth”, closure of the Legion might damage the campaign to have the former Pope beatified and canonised.

    So instead we have had what I would call a typical Vatican fudge – send in the ‘Apostolic Visitator’ and pretend that there is some genuine ‘charism’ that can be rescued from the ashes of Maciel’s sociopathic deceptions.

    The results of this equivocation and timidity have been twofold. Firstly, the Legion has continued to be dogged by financial, sexual and organisational scandals (although none have been on the scale of Maciel’s misdemeanors). Secondly, those who have remained loyal to LC and RC find themselves in the ludicrous and painful situation of being unable to respect and venerate their founder. I suggest that no other religious body in the world has ever been in this situation. My father ended his days in a lovely care home run by the Little Sisters of the Poor, and, quite understandably, there were many pictures of their founder, Jeanne Jugan, throughout the building. But LC and RC have had to remove all pictures and other reminders of their founder, and they have to live with the fact that Maciel seems to have created the Legion primarily as a cover for his own mendacious double life. How can LC and RC members live with such cognitive dissonance? And isn’t it disgraceful that the Church has, through its failure to act decisively, allowed them to remain in this situation.

    When will the Catholic Church learn (from what has happened in the Legion and indeed in Chile) that attempts to avoid scandal by brushing things under the carpet just makes the situation worse in the longer term?

    • Da Man from Cabra West says:
      Paul Lennon – Dubliner, Legionary of Christ [1961-84], mental health therapist living in the Washington DC are since 1985, bilingual Spanish, 13 years in Mexico, married to a pretty Guatemalan; I am "amateur writer", translator, co founder of REGAIN, INC, www.regainnetwork.org, Legionary of Christ "expert", member of International Cultic Studies Association.

      Great comment!

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