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Legion of Christ appoints extremely Abusive priest as spiritual director of CHILD seminarians

As per official Legión notice, American-born Fr William Brock, (not priest in photo)

known among former Legionaries as “The Scourge of Salamanca” for his consistently cruel treatment of young seminarians under his care,

has been appointed “spiritual director” of an even younger and more tender group of child seminarians.

Note that the apparently modern religious order (officially, “congregation”), is one the few in the world that continues to aggressively recruit and rigidly “train” children for the Catholic Priesthood.

“Get them young!” was the battle cry of Legión Founder, Pedophile Fr. Maciel. LC leadership continues this policy. Many of the straight-laced young men ordained every year in droves began their days in so-called “Apostolic Schools” in Mexico, Spain, Philippines, Canada AND THE USA!

Several comments on Facebook’s Spanish language (former members) “legioleaks” attest to humiliating exchanges with the aforementioned. Some allude to his “favorites” special treatment:

Lo tuve de DE (director espiritual) en Humanidades, un supliocio y una suerte, suplicio : le caía mal y me daba caña, no eres un religioso solo un buen chico, no tienes ningún espíritu religioso, no recuerdo otra cosa. Suerte: no era de los “elegidos” ni de los que atendía por la noche, ah y ay de tí si no te confesabas con él, salía a ver cuantos de su lista de DE estaban confesandose con otros sacerdotes. En Salamanca un sacerdote que no era director espiritual me puso mil pegas para confesarme, libertad de conciencia, discernimiento…… vaya personaje todo el día con el ordenador en su despacho y sus predicaciones NP, me dijo, NP me comtó, muy espiritual vamos




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  1. Eugenio Pacelli #

    I knew William Brock in Salamanca. I never got a bad vibe from him. Of course, I was an American, a little older, and I never had him for SD. But, no, I never got the slightest hint that he was abusive.


    October 15, 2017
    • Maciel's favorite #

      Go to “Legioleaks” in Facebook and do a search for “Brock”
      Not saying he harms all the people all the time
      But that he may verbally, emotionally and spiritually abuse some of the people under his pastoral care some of the time


      October 15, 2017
  2. NF #

    Fr William Brock is awesome! I had him as a superior in Salamanca and trust him completely. Good choice by the LC on this one!


    April 2, 2018
    • Are you still a Legionary? If not, what made leave?


      April 3, 2018
      • Anonymous #

        On the other hand, I am glad you had a positive experience with Fr. Brock. The complaints I heard were from Hispanic students


        April 4, 2018

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