Internacional Cultic Studies Annual Conference in Bordeaux, France, June 29…

Join former Legionaries of Christ, Xavier Leger,  Paul Lennon and other former members of Catholic  and Christian high demand   groups and learn how European and other countries deal with questionable groups and communities, enjoy comeraderie and support of people who know where you are or have been…

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Addict, Idol and Cult Member: Reflections on the Loss of Self: A Phenomenological Examination of Destructive Cult groups

Tate Wood, Allen

My paper and talk are a phenomenological morphology of religious and political extremism. In the presentation, I give a detailed exposition of seven key elements that are present in the mind of the successfully indoctrinated group member. These seven elements include: absolute leader, absolute teaching, hierarchical social structure, the psychology of the adversary, the ends justify the means as a modus operandi, crisis psychology and the inner circle. The second part of my presentation includes an examination of the variables at play during the process of recruitment and indoctrination: milieu control, communication web/the manipulation of intimacy, peak experiences and planned spontaneity, the splitting phenomenon: the experience of evil, metaphor and ritual: the binding chains, the repudiation of the conscience, the rejection of the critical faculties and the colonization of the imagination understood as an experience of god. My remarks will be punctuated by anecdotal material from my life in the Unification Church including my direct contact with Sun Myung Moon. In addition, I shall be drawing on my 27 years as an addiction counselor working with alcoholics and addicts in county jails and state prisons.





2 thoughts on “Internacional Cultic Studies Annual Conference in Bordeaux, France, June 29…”

  1. I got freaked out by hearing an echo of what i knew was real but that before lived with on my own. Mind you, this site has echoed what I have found out on my own before so I should be used to it. It is as if another person confirming things makes ones worse findings more real, in all truth that they are more real if another confirms them.
    I crumple up on the sofa when I freak out. I think older age means I am more sensitive to things, I crumple up on the sofa in a more tense crumple now days. Young people, you live more ferociously when you are old so don’t be scared that life gets boring.WHy do i mind more i htink because I have less time to solve problems and I no longer feel that everyone else will solve them for me so htey are the more worrying. I also meet worse things the older I grow.
    I have had to look up several things like crisis psychology and the psychology of the adversary. I am learning.


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