David Martinez, RC(?), un pequeno Slim, a little Carlos Slim millionaire?



Billonario de Monterrey, con fuertes inversiones en USA, España, Argentina e Italia, etc., posiblemente del Regnum Christi. -El autor pregunta si esto será verdad …

Monterrey billionaire, with strong investments in USA, Spain, Argentina, Italy, etc.; possible member of the Legion of Christ’s Regnum Christi lay movement…

(Cita en ingles de un artículo en Bloomberg Markets, Mysterious Bond Billionaire Offers Rare Look at Finances)

“Raised in Monterrey in northern Mexico, Martinez joined Regnum Christi, a group affiliated with the Legionaries of Christ, a scandal-plagued Roman Catholic order that once counted Carlos Slim, Mexico’s richest person, among its benefactors. Martinez explored becoming a priest during a sixth-month stint in Rome, studying philosophy at the Pontifical Gregorian University.”

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One thought on “David Martinez, RC(?), un pequeno Slim, a little Carlos Slim millionaire?”

  1. I wrote a comment on the first of these articles, the one about the different stages of capturing new members to the sect
    I said in the comment that the people who became legionaires were stupid because i myself had felt tremendously humiliated when those who tried to persuade me to be like a legionaire, so obviously shied out on a whole lot of information, totalitarian style, so that i thought it should have been easy for others to see that they were not being allowed to talk of a whole lot of information, in the way of those who just turn their back on a whole lot of facts that need to be talked about when you are discussing some situation or other in order to have the full picture of that situation totalitarian style.
    For me the effort of street ercruiters to turn their back on a whole lot of facts and say psycological findings, which is to say modern findings on behavior and the roots of that behavior, ideas and findings that would hurt their arguements were an important part of feeling distrust for them: What clinched things for me and made me sure they were wrong was theirsupport of the right poliitically : For me followers of Jesus cannot suppport the right, Jesus loved the poor. and social justice as i see it.
    Since i worte my last comment I have been thinking about what I said and I have thought that I myself got lead into not investigating one topic. The nuns who taught me, I went to school with the nuns of the assumption convent and they taught me enough about theology not an awful lot but enough to make it harder for street recruiters to catch me, thank heavens, to put in a good word for them, the nuns who taught me told me that reading about other religions was the job of very kind and well prepared preists and not that of such as I and that stopped me from reading for myself about other religions for two decades. I too was persuaded not to do my own research on somethings.
    I always felt that what I had been taught on Jews and Arabs was insufficient, I had learnt some four things about Jews all of them negative, and about the same about the followers of Islam:
    It was not till I did yoga classes, at the age of thirty six or seven, some twenty years after the nuns injunction against reading about other religons for myself, that I thought to find out more about other religons for myself. The injunction not to look into things oneself, though given in a very light tone, seems to be awfully effective: Fear of overeach in the queston of ones own soul, religon, God and such and fear of being arrogant, of the arrogance of doing things for oneself is so big taht they stopped me from thinking for myself.

    My sister, the one who is in the legion was taught by nuns and that the more small minded sort, from the age of four or five till the age of eleven. I was taken out of the school that she was in as a junior because i was doing badly there and so I went, from the age of seven to twelve to a protestant school, thank heavens, if well a protestant school whose headmistress happened to be catholic: I think my mother perhaps tricked my father into thinking it was cahtolic because of the headmistress. It is possible that the injunctions on my sister the one who stayed with the nuns all through junior school, not to look things up for herself or to think for herself, did not just include not looking up other peoples religions for herself but included a lot more feilds of thought and that that predisposed her to becoming part of the legion, to being less criticle and able to discern how far they took hedging in information so as to totally distort world experience, made her less able to see they were brainwashing her.
    People are maybe predisposed to being caught by sects by catholic education. Give me a child at the age of seven and she will be mine for life is a thing the jesuits say. From seven till twelve i was in the hands of protestant. I was back with nuns from the age of twelve to fifteen.
    Another sister of mine and I, used to see her as a person who did not explore ideas at all. We unkindly thought that meant she was less intelligent than ourselves but maybe the nuns had taught her not to explore hardly any themes at all for fear they would reduce her faith or make her wicked in some way.
    I say this in case it is useful when considering why people get caught by sects.
    Both of the cahtolic teachers who taught me and the protestant onces were frantically anti those who were anti semitic while neither taught us any real respect for Judaism or Islam at their best.

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