Am I, or a loved one, involved with a Harmful Group? Find out


Info-Culte,  a prominent and well respected Canadian association that studies harmful groups and relationships, explains their 35 year trajectory. And how “the field” has changed over the years. The address by founder, Mike Klopfeld will give the reader insight into how people are drawn into harmful groups and why so many concerned people study the phenomenon of charismatic Pied Pipers who lead the unwitting on a merry chase out of their minds and money.

by Mike Kropveld

Article based on a presentation given at the Beijing International Academic Symposium on Cultic Groups and Religious Culture, Beijing, China, August 15–16, 2015:


One thought on “Am I, or a loved one, involved with a Harmful Group? Find out”

  1. If well the idea that people are ill because they sinned is bad for the girls in Regnum Christi, because if the people in charge of the girls think the girls suffer only if they sin, then when these girls get psychosomatic illnesses and anorexia, the people in charge of them, instead of thinking, “our treatment of girls is inadequate and so modifying their behaviour in training centers, think that the girls must be sinners or they would not get an illness.not the only ill that such a the same idea is bad in other circumstances. Such an medieval manner of seeing the role of God, brings others in contact with the Legion of Christ into deep trouble. i have heard from those i believe to be legionaires that abused boys would not have been abused had they not been sinners, that such an argument excuses pederasty would be another great ill that has its root in thinking that God does not hurt the good.
    . I dont know if the person i know who says they are part of the legion is representative of allof this group because that person is one person but if shthis person is then they dont only think that ill people are ill because they have sinned but also think the unfortunate are so because they sinned.
    This means that if you mention boys or girls who have been sexually abused, you get the reply, “they did something to deserve it”.

    I have heard another reply from street recruiters, which has been, “they were sexually mature weren’t they”. the same people who had tried to insist that i was sexually mature the minute i had had the period which was not the case much as i kissed boys. I problaby would not have kissed so many boys had I been sexually awake.
    Two people, as i remember it,have given me that answer, when i talked of priests who abused the young, that the young were sexually mature. That is a pretty big percentage of those who i have talked of this subject,it is not a subject i touch on often in conversation.
    I have children , my once thirteen year old was twelve the year before my child reached the age of thirteen and eleven the year before that, to hear people talk as if they can touch someone who is so recently out of childhood because the children they say are sexually mature, is difficult for the person who hears such an argument.
    Finding oneself obliged to talk of how it is different for a virtual child to touch themselves or to have some sort of contact with children of their own age, from them being touched by what for them, if i remember myself at that age, are venerable and somewhat frightening adults, be they only thirty, or twenty or sixteen is hard and more so when you find that they don’t think your feeling that the child is very close to childhood is an argument of weight and you find yourself frustrated to say the least by their desire to be thick and insensitive.
    Sex is a activity in which people are vunerable even when these people are adults. Those who love their children should hope that in a relationship that includes sex, there will be some sort of equality, they will both be able to speak of their wishes and desires and neither will be humiliated by the other.
    I have talked of two arguents of the church to lessen the seriousness of pedophilia, the arguement that the children could never have been hurt if they had not been sinful and the argument that they were sexually mature, in the case of young teens.
    My question to the church would be, “you believe that God does not let bad things happen to people who are good? Is this very religious thought, at least very religous some five six hundred years ago,yours or just the Legions. If it is yours, does not this turn you into very primitive religion. Is not this letting the victim take the blame for what the abuser does?
    Does not God,in the ways of this world he has created, make sure there are consequences for our bad acts? If we abuse people we have to know that we have made them suffer, how else would we advance in kindness and goodness? How else would we understand that brutality is wrong. If God saved a child from the psychic consequences of sexual abuse, would not the brutal be able to abuse whenever they wanted without feeling guilty. There need to be tragic consequences to our actions for those we hurt not for ourselves or we would not have to grow spiritually. We might be willing to take our own sufferign, dont we have to see that we make others suffer?
    I would ask how Rome dares go against the findings of so many thinkers and psychologists who say that you cannot touch children immature teenagers, without putting at risk their psychological integrity and spiritual growth, wIthout them becoming embittered and cross and taking to drink and drugs and even comiting suicide and not because they were sinful but because they were sinned against.
    Suicide is considered the worst sin by the religious, who dont follow the findings of psychology, which are that having a bad time in childhood can create depression, s that it is childhood lacks of attention not the sinfulness of the person that causes depression.
    Are the church crazy. I would like to tear those who think it is fine for many to touch children to shreds:That is an expression of my frustration, really i believe you have to allow everyone time to redeem themselves even pederasts. Mayb e i would change my mind if it was my child who was touched.
    Is what the legionaires say , that the children would not have been abused had they not been sinful orthodox catholic doctrine. If it is, will the church please say as much and have the strength to take the loss of faithful that will must occur if they are absolutely up front about their more terrible bits of faith.
    the church tends to htink the faithful get cross with them because the faithful dont like beign criticised: it is time to ask the church what it thinks it up to instead of allowing the church to be the one who tells others off when the churhc shows so many signs of being irresponsible. Of beign a lot of grumpy old men who find an excuse for anythign that they consider their juresdiction.


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