[VIDEO WITH STEVEN HASSAN] ——— Compensation of Fr. Maciel’s Victims and Troubling Aspects of Legion of Christ


Group of Legionary junior seminarians in Spain 1970-90 under the tutelage of                          then rector, Fr. Jose Antonio Barco, LC


Maciel’s victims were about this age when he began to sexually abuse them in the 1940s – 1960s….Maciel abused several Irish born seminarians in Salamanca and Rome during the 1960s and 1970s. He then dedicated himself to older seminarians and carried on affairs with men in their 20s into his later years.


See and listen to Steven Hassan interview during ICSA conference in Trieste, Italy

Begins exploring Fr. Maciel’s abuses and the issue of compensation of victims; ReGAIN’s co-editor and cult counselor Lennon explains the paradox of how the Legion (perpetrator) was put in charge of examining the victims’ claims and deciding whether or not to provide  compensation and how much!

During the Trieste International Conference, ICSA dedicated time to examining cult like aspects of the Legion and other Catholic organization.

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