Texas developer files extortion suit against Legionaries

By Brian Roewe
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A lawsuit against the Legionaries​ of Christ approaching trial in Texas alleges one of its priests attempted to extort, via text message, an additional $94,000 from a Houston-area developer as contingent to closing a land deal between the parties.
The suit, filed in Harris County State District Court, names the Legionaries​ of Christ, Legionary Fr. Daniel Massick, former president of Northwoods Catholic School, in Spring, Texas, and Northwoods Educational Foundation as defendants. Robert Pinard, the developer and president/CEO of Pinard Development LLC, is suing for fraud and breach of contract. Continue reading Texas developer files extortion suit against Legionaries

Suicide in the Legion of Christ or “Sudden Death of Br. Robert Wills” LC (27)

ReGAIN editor: there are always two versions of everything that happens and is said in and by the Legion of the Christ: the official version and… the truth

LC is quick to put out the official story: it attributes his passing to mental health problems, depression.


  • Why wasn’t better care taken of him and of the junior seminarian who committed suicide in the same seminary a few years ago?
  • Doesn’t this demonstrate lack of care or, perhaps, lack of training or expertise on the part of personnel at this seminary, neglect by his superiors?
  • Who was his superior and or his spiritual director? Was it one and the same person as often has happened in the Legion?
  • Why was he in Germany if he is an American and could receive better mental health services in his own language and culture in his own country?
  • Who was his mental health therapist? His prescribing psychiatrist?
  • Is anyone taking responsibility for this tragedy or are we going to cross our arms or stretch them out in prayer?

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In an open letter to the Legionaries of Christ, P. Andreas Schöggl LC, the Territorial Director for Western and Central Europe announced the sudden death of a Legionary of Christ.

Bad Münstereifel, March 21, 2016

Dear fellow Legionaries, dear brothers and sisters in Christ,

Today, on Monday of Holy Week, Robert Wills, our brother in Christ, died suddenly and unexpectedly. It seems he suffered a serious head injury after falling about 20 feet. After receiving first aid and the sacrament of the sick he passed away on his way to the hospital. We are all deeply saddened by this news and entrust him full of con-fidence in God’s Mercy. The authorities may still conduct a more detailed investigation of the circumstances surrounding his death. It does seem though that his death is related to a mental illness for which he had been in regular medical and psychological treatment over the past two years.

Br. Robert was born on August 5, 1988, in the United States of America as the youngest of five children. He grew up with his family near Washington, D.C. As he wrote in a personal testimony last year, in his youth he was a competitive wrestler, a dedicated musician (playing the oboe) and a successful student. He added that this over-load led to burnout and to bouts of depression. He sought to live a more balanced lifestyle and got new strength especially from his faith. He even eventually felt a call to religious life and to the priesthood, which he pursued.

After the novitiate, humanistic studies and finishing up a B.A. in philosophy he came to us in Germany for an internship in family and youth work as he continued to discern his call and suitability for religious life. He dedi-cated himself to learn German and exuded a great love for Christ, the Mother of God and for others. People liked to speak to him about spiritual themes. At the same time, however, he had to cut back on his activities and occasionally take time off as well as seek medical and therapeutic help. His fellow religious and his friends en-couraged him and accompanied and supported him.
After his sudden passing we are waiting for his mother and one of his brothers who are on their way to Germany from the United States. The time and place of the burial will be determined in the upcoming days and I will pass on this information to you once they are set. I ask you all to pray for Br. Robert’s family and his relatives.

In an article that Br. Robert wrote for this Lent, he concluded with the following lines:
“Jesus, open my heart as much as possible to your Mercy! Take away all my unfounded fears and my unneces-sary worries, which “wither” my heart and my hands. You wanted to die for me so as to convince me that your love and your mercy are limitless! Let me experience your mercy, so that it can flow through my hands and my unworthy heart to my neighbor. Finally I ask you: Make my heart like your heart and the heart of your mother, so that my neighbor can discover your image in me.”

May the Lord grant that he rest in peace!

United in hope,

P. Andreas Schöggl LC
Territorial Director
(Territory of Western and Central Europe)


Fr. Maciel, Plagiarist and Catholic Houdini

New edition of Luis Lucia’s Psalter of My Hours casts light on Father Marcial Maciel’s appropriated version

Editor’s note on the Photo above:

taken at the Legion’s first house in Ireland, Bundrowes House, Bundoran, Co. Donegal, 1960-61; it features some founders and visitors: Theology student James/Santiago Coindreau LC, recruiter; recently ordained Fr. Neftali Sanchez LC confessor, Fr. Marcial Maciel founder, Bro Pearse Allen original Irish candidate dressed as novice, Bro. James Whiston original Irish candidate dressed as novice, and Fr. Alfonso Samaniego LC, prominent Legionary at that time -who was later demoted and ostracized by Maciel after questioning him in public.


Editor’s note on Article:

J. Paul Lennon published a sensible literary critique of Fr. Maciel’s Psalter decades ago, before the plagiarism was known publicly. The author decried LC/RC members’ fawning adulation of Fr. Maciel’s very mediocre poetic attempt. The Legion, . thought its expensive lawyers, sued, forcing the article to be removed from public view. But that was before Vatican Visitation telling Legion leadership to allow and encourage freedom of expression…(?)



 New edition of Luis Lucia’s Psalter of my Hours casts light on Father Marcial Maciel’s appropriated version

by Jean Boudet, investigative journalist



The new edition by Vicent Comes Iglesia in the Biblioteca de Autores Cristianos (BAC) of Luis Lucia Lucia’s Salterio de mis horas, “Psalter of my hours” (Madrid 2014), allows us to consider, virtually for the first time, a poignant 20th century life and a noteworthy work of Catholic spirituality. It allows us also to do something less edifying: we can now compare the original work closely with its appropriation (ReGAIN, plagiarized) by Father Marcial Maciel as Salterio de mis días, ‘Psalter of my days”, esteemed for decades as a foundational work of spirituality among the congregation he founded in Mexico in 1941, the Legionaries of Christ.

Lucia wrote his Salterio while a political prisoner in Barcelona, 1937-40, condemned first by the Spanish Republic and then by Franco. It was politically indelicate and unpublished, emerging only in a small, private edition in Valencia in 1956. Coincidentally this was the year Maciel moved to Spain, having been restricted by Vatican authorities from Rome, where he had brought his congregation, and suspended pending investigation of allegations of drug abuse, sexual abuse, and other irregularities of religious life. Early on in what he called his exile, he encountered Lucia’s Salterio and made it his own. Maciel fashioned a new work that combined plagiarism, both verbatim and slightly adapted, with some original passages that imitated Lucia’s poetic style. And he found in it a poetic language and a theological structure with which to interpret the period of his suspension, 1956-59, as the years of the “Great Blessing.” Continue reading Fr. Maciel, Plagiarist and Catholic Houdini



Regnum Christi Young Women Recruiting in Chicago
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    Beware of the Leaven of the Legionaries of Christ!


Regnum Christi not fully approved by Pope yet.

In true astute Legion of Christ fashion, they are jumping the gun on full Vatican Approval. The Legion of Christ has a history of anticipating/assuming Vatican approval and presenting the Pope and the Holy See with faits accomplis difficult to reverse.

Read carefully official November 2014 statement by Vatican Information Services below regarding status of Regnum Christi:
“(…) Relationship (Ed., of Legion of Christ) with the Regnum Christi Movement: The General Chapter of the Legion of Christ and the General Assemblies of the Consecrated Men and Women of Regnum Christi expressed their desire to be united in the Movement Regnum Christi. The numbers 1,2o; 16; 112 and 130 § 2, which express this desire, show up as not approved. They will have to await a definitive legislation regarding the canonical configuration of Regnum Christi. The revision process of the Statutes of Regnum Christi is under way, with the expert advice of Fr. Gianfranco Ghirlandaio who is serving as Pontifical Advisor. This issue is projected to be resolved in the next general chapter of the Legion in the year 2020. (More information regarding the process to define the canonical configuration of Regnum Christi can be found here.)”

Full OFFICIAL text of VATICAN: Communique


See invitation
Parents, if you want to start losing your daughter to the clutches of the Legion of Christ & Regnum Christi leaders and so-called spiritual directors, let them go to this retreat!
If you don’t believe us, do due diligence and research who and what they are. They appear harmless, nice, even holy but they belong to an organization that has not worked through its own growth problems yet.
Isn’t it Prudent to Wait?
Contrary to what RC untrained “spiritual directors” will tell your child IN THEIR SUBTLE BRAINWASHING: