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The Financial Empire of the Legion of Christ


(Maciel kneeling obsequiously before Pope John Paul II whom he completely deceived)

Pope Benedict XIV referred to the “enigmatic figure” of Fr. Maciel. No doubt about it. It is hard to understand who Maciel was and what he pretended and how his person and work is related to what is known as the Legion of Christ religious order.

One thing is clear: Maciel was the greatest Catholic fundraiser of the late XX Century. (According to Jason Berry, at least)

His business acumen was extraordinary.

Mexican banker, Manuel Espinosa Yglesias, once stated half in jest: “Fr. Maciel, it is just as well you are not in our business. You would have left the rest of us all far behind!”

Don Manuel missed the point: Maciel was in the business world. He was a business entrepreneur extraordinaire. Read more

Driven to Tears, video, a propo Cancun habitat destruction


Photo of destruction of mangroves in Cancun-

Video was shared by a friend on Facebook. Sting and Robert Downey Jr,. the latter not one of our idols, but  Sting’s song seemed to tie in with indignation at the destruction of Cancun’s Green Belly Button

Destroying Cancun’s Ecosystem

Mexican ecologist Arturo Islas laments destruction of wild life in Cancun

showing us a bird that was wounded during the destruction of its habitat. “They bulldozed during the night when the birds are at rest”

Read more

Bishop of Cancun, Please stop Glamor Basilica!

Message Sent by Legion of Christ Priest on the edge working in Playa del Carmen, Quintana Roo, Mexico



Dear Brother, Bishop of Cancun
Mons. Pedro Pablo Elizondo LC

Pope Francis wrote his recent encyclical Praised Be (Lodato Si) in support of ecology.
I, therefore, beg you to reconsider building the great Catholic Basilica in Tajamar, Cancun
Because of the area’s ecological value
Because of Gospel Poverty and
Out of solidarity with the poor people of Cancun and the Maya zone.
I strongly suggest that the huge funds designated to building this basilica be used to build a pediatric hospital that is so desperately needed in the area.

For the love of God may you, our pastor and the Catholic Church, shine as clear witnesses that the Kingdom of Christ is NOT OF THIS WORLD!

True devotion to the Mother of Jesus consists in taking care of the sick with the loving care she showed to Saint Elizabeth before and after her pregnancy..

Let us return to the simple style of Jesus of Nazareth who is Mercy which can also be called “Being good-natured”

Let us show our “good nature” protecting Creation and taking care of children, thus demonstrating the goodness of Christ, the Good Shepherd.

I offer my prayers for you and for Pope Francis,
Your brother in the one and only priesthood of Christ,
Pablo Pérez Guajardo.


Original Spanish
Hermano Obispo de Cancun:

El Papa Francisco ha escrito la carta encíclica ALABADO SEA, sobre la ecología como causa común.

Le pido reconsidere el proyecto de la gran basílica en Tajamar Cancun, por razones de pobreza evangélica.
Por el valor ecológico.
Por solidaridad con los pobres de Cancún y la zona maya.

Propongo que los cuantiosos fondos para la edificación de la basílica se destinen a construir un eficiente hospital de pediatría.

Por amor a Dios, quede usted, nuestro pastor y la Iglesia católica como claros testimonios de que el Reino de Cristo NO ES DE ESTE MUNDO.

La verdadera devoción a la Madre de Jesús consiste en cuidar enfermos con el cariño que Ella atendió a Isabel antes y después del parto.

Volvamos a la simplicidad del estilo de Jesús de Nazaret que es la misericordia que en expresión actual llamamos BUENA ONDA.

Seamos buena onda cuidando la creación, atendiendo a los niños, dando testimonio de esa bondad de Cristo Buen Pastor.

Me uno a sus oraciones y a las del Papa Francisco, su hermano en el sacerdocio
Pablo Pérez Guajardo

El Gran Negocio de los Legionarios de Cristo – Audiovisual Spanish language

Here is the latest on the business of the Legion of Christ from Mexico.

Ver reportaje audiovisual en YouTube

“El mejor negocio de todos es el de los pobres” (Marcial Maciel)

Los Negocios de Teleton, Un Kilo de Ayuda, y los prestamos a micro empresas…


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