Parents, Beware of the Legion of Christ and Regnum Christi:Do not allow your children to be influenced by them at an early age!

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Warning to Catholic Parents.

The Legion of Christ/Regnum Christi recruits members to the organizations from an early age “in order to give them a grounding in their Catholic Faith and protect them against the dangers of a permissive society bereft of Christian values”.

This, however, is very dangerous because the methods of the LC/RC closely resemble brainwashing, as has been constantly suggested by this and other sites such as life.after.rc and 49 weeks. Our concerns have been listened to by several cult awareness associations (Rick Ross, Steven Hassan, etc) , including International Cultic Studies Association, the most prestigious such organization in the world. ICSA has opened its doors to former members members of the LC/RC for decades, demonstrating that there is a danger of cult-like indoctrination. These cult watch associations have much information regarding the Legion of Christ on their web sites.

We warn the public, especially Catholics, not to expose their children to these questionable groups. They are being recruited by and for an extremist, secretive and deceptive Catholic group.

This warning was prompted by a viewing of a Frontline report of children as young as 8 being recruited into the ISIS terrorist group.

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