The Real Jesuits

Clergy collar

By Jean Baptiste Le Sel

  1. They are the priests who look like the Jesuits used to: the simple black buttonless habit is almost the same; except the waist sash that hangs from the other hip.
  2. They are the priests who pledge and give allegiance to the pope, the “Holy Father”, just like the Jesuits of old with their special vow.
  3. They are the priest who don’t smoke, do comb their hair to the right, have no beards or moustaches and always use their Roman collar shirt front with their black tailor-made suit.
  4. Their spirituality is centered in Christ, over the door of the their novitiate the word of St. Paul, “Christus Vita Vestra”, Christ Your Life is proudly emblazoned; there is a military style: lining up, standing to attention, raising their red and white flag after the papal flag while saluting it singing “Christus vincit, Christus regnat, Christus imperat,” Christ to conquer, Christ to reign, Christ to rule! They are the Roman soldiers of Christ.
  5. They use the Spiritual Exercises of St. Ignatius of Loyola –albeit their own version- for their spiritual growth and that of the lay people under their pastoral care.
  6. They are the priest who, like the Jesuits, believe in twice daily examination of conscience. Their founder also insisted that each member spend an hour every Sunday morning responding to a detailed examination of a particular virtue; a “practical exam”, chosen by his spiritual director, focused on obedience, simplicity, attention to detail, delicate fraternal charity, gossip, generosity…
  7. The founder described their spirituality as “Contemplative and Conquering.”
  8. From the 1950s to the 60s their seminarians used to study in Rome with the Jesuits (Gregorian Pontifical University) and the Dominicans (University of St. Thomas, Angelicum) but when these institutions became too liberal, under the influence of Vatican Council II, the order created its own college of higher studies, Regina Apostolorum Pontifical Athenaeum, to avoid contamination.
  9. In his life time the founder wrote a treatise on how to train priests, Integral Formation of Catholic Priests[1] and the order has gained the admiration of popes and bishops who entrust the training of seminarians to them; seminarian who will be the bishops of the future. The training of seminarians had always been a specialty of the Jesuits.
  10. In fact the history of this order is closely entwined with the Jesuits whom they have now supplanted. The founder sent his first Mexican recruits to study at the Jesuit run seminary in Comillas, Cantabria, Spain, in the 1940s. The founder even poached some senior seminarians, studying at that institution for the diocesan priesthood, to increase the maturity of his own too young seminarians. These men became priests for the new order and the founder’s faithful followers and generous collaborators: Frs. Antonio Lagoa, Rafael Arumí Blancafort, Rafael Cuena, Faustino Pardo, the blond twins Gustavo and Guillermo (the pedophile) Izquierdo, José María Escribano and Gregorio López: all of whom are now deceased. R.I.P. This was another chapter in the founder’s love-hate relationship with the Society of Jesus.
  11. Some critics hold that the founder even based his constitutions on the rules of the Jesuits which he purloined from the public library in Coyoacán, Mexico City. Defenders maintain that this holy man, slandered by many, made better use of St. Ignatius’ rules than the order originally founded by the Basque. Only time and the holiness of the Real Jesuits will tell.
  12. Long the darlings of Pope John Paul II, their constitutions were recently approved by Pope Francis. It is business as usual now for this much maligned order. But the founder had warned his members to be prepared to stave off calumny and detraction.


4 thoughts on “The Real Jesuits

  1. Good enough for me says:

    This outfit looks pretty good from the perspective of someone raised on Jesuit spirituality. That’s why I joined it originally. I didn’t know then that a man accused of pedophilia would be my only confessor and spiritual director. Can it be that something that looks this good really isn’t? How can people like the current Jesuit Pope know this?

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