Sexual Abuser Legionary of Christ to be Deported from Chile


Chile to deport Irish-born priest convicted of sexual assault

Friday 21 August 2015 22.24

The interior ministry said John O’Reilly would have to leave the country after completing his sentence in 2018

The Chilean government has decided to deport an Irish priest who was convicted last year of sexually abusing a young girl, according to the Chilean interior ministry.

John O’Reilly was sentenced to four years’ probation in November for repeatedly molesting the girl from the time she was five.

The abuse took place from 2010 to 2012 at an exclusive school where O’Reilly was the spiritual advisor at the

The interior ministry said it was revoking O’Reilly’s permanent residency and that he would have to leave the country after completing his sentence in 2018.

The decision can be appealed to the Supreme Court.

O’Reilly, 69, was once an influential figure in Chile as the local head of the Catholic Church’s ultra-conservative Legion of Christ order.

He arrived in Chile in 1984 and was granted citizenship in 2008 – but had it revoked in March by Congress.

The Legion of Christ has been beset by accusations of sexual abuse.

The order’s founder, Mexican-born Marcial Maciel, stepped down in 2005 amid allegations of pedophilia and fathering several children. He died in 2008.



in other words; whether Fr. O’Reilly was a victim of Fr. Maciel (who favored him with an important mission in Chile which would bring fame and power to Fr. O’Reilly). The victim might identify with the predator and become a predator in turn. This phenomenon would seem to be born out by the case of Legionary priest, Fr. William (Guillermo) Izquierdo,  an early Maciel recruit, born in the Canary Islands, who was abused by Maciel and would in turn abuse novices in Ireland as Novice Master. Quite possibly one of Fr. Izquierdo’s victims became a predator…

Curiouser and Curiouser, an Under-qualified Regnum Christi woman at Mundelein Seminary: a Trojan Horse in the City of Chicago?

“Curiouser and curiouser!”[i]

Regnum Christi full-time member (3gf) on the staff at Mundelein Seminary. Administration hires underqualified UFO

(Mundelein Seminary and University of St. Mary of the Lake)

! Miss Klein has been there for three years and tells us about her experiences:

On the seminary promotional blurb we find:

The University’s roster describes the Female Consecrated member of Regnum Christi’s (in RC jargon, 3gf) curriculum


B.A. (Developmental Pedagogy) Anahuac University, Mexico City, M.A. (Religious Sciences) Pontifical Athenaeum Regina Apostolorum, Rome. Studies, University of Laval, Quebec. Former Council Member and Assistant to the Dean of Studies of the Regnum Christi Community in Düsseldorf, Germany. Member of the Diocesan Council for New Communities. Human and Spiritual Directress of young women and mothers. Preached retreats and gave conferences on spirituality and human formation in Germany and France on characterology, virtues, the will and the heart. Former Prefect of Discipline for Girls and Teacher of Religious Studies in “Godwin High School” Mexico City. Former Human and Spiritual Directress for families, girls under 14 years and young women in Budapest, Hungary.>

My intention is not to quarrel with nice Patricia Klein. It is merely to question her credentials and the judgment of her superiors and those who hired her. And in so doing show up the home grown and almost incestuous nature of Regnum Christi “formation” as well as the members’ limited and flawed training or education.

At first glance it seems to me that all her training has taken place in Legion of Christ and Regnum Christi institutions. She has received no “outside” training or influence. Let us just examine the curriculum above. (Always a good thing to do with any Legion or Regnum related material)

  • Her BA is from the Anahuac University, founded by Fr. Marcial Maciel, LC, in Mexico City (or just outside the city; if I am not mistaken: Naucalpan de Juarez)
  • Her MA from the Regina Apostolorum, a Legion owned and run ecclesiastical (Catholic Church) university in Rome, Italy. And what are “Religious Sciences” she has mastered in? Looks like a very fluffy MA. So she earns her degree from the Legion/Regnum of which she is a member, which is paying for her studies, her expenses and to which she is subject!
  • Her work experience consists of: “Assistant to the Dean of Studies, Regnum Christi Community, Düsseldorf, Germany.” That is, she is assistant to another member of the Regnum Christi in a Regnum Christi house.
  • Member of Diocesan Council for New Communities: seems like she represented the RC community on that council. Here at least she would occasionally be “outside the community” for a few hours and maybe make contact with nuns, priests and lay people not associated with the RC.
  • “Human and Spiritual Directress of young women and mothers” This would appear to be her “apostolate”, spiritual work as an active member of the Regnum Christi; probably means she counseled singles and married women (or single mothers) about their spiritual and moral lives and life decisions, while trying to persuade them to join, or stay in, the RC.
  • Where did she get her training in Human and Spiritual Direction? Did she just pick it up along the way from her own “spiritual directors”?  Did she receive any formal training in this profession and art? Where? How? When? Was it always within the confines of the LC/RC? I, personally, don’t believe you can perform such a delicate activity without specific formal training; and certainly not on the strength of a non-clinical BA in Developmental Pedagogy.
  • “Preached retreats and gave conferences on spirituality and human formation in Germany and France on characterology, virtues, the will and the heart.” I surmise she gave these retreats to young people the Regnum Christi was trying to recruit or to other junior members of the Regnum Christi. Once more we have in-house activities without any substantial contact or interaction with the “outside world.” (As if she were a contemplative nun).
  • “Former Prefect of Discipline for Girls and Teacher of Religious Studies in “Godwin High School” Mexico City” The Godwin is one of the first schools for girls founded by the Regnum Christi females under the guidance of Fr. Marcial Maciel. What we have here is clear: she performed the common tasks of any other full time member of the Regnum Christi.
  • “Former Human and Spiritual Directress for families, girls under 14 years and young women in Budapest, Hungary.” Once again we have Patricia performing the normal activities of a Regnum Christi member: delivering “spiritual direction” to prospective or active members of the Regnum Christi lay movement. Nothing special.
  • What I am trying to say is that I find this young woman without the necessary education and training to be on the staff of a prestigious religious institution like Mundelin Seminary.
  • Her job description: Associate Dean of Formation, Coordinator of Peace and Justice/Gospel of Life Committee, Coordinator, March for Life
  • How did she get in? Who hired her? Why? “Associate Dean of Formation” What formation? Did the administration want to have a “safe, non-threatening woman” working with the seminarians and helping them to keep their vocation?
  • This could lead to some ranting and raving on my part when I remember Fr. Maciel’s ghost-written Integral Formation of Catholic Priests[ii] and Pope John Paul II (captivated by Maciel) who made the Legion of Christ a priest training order and allowed them to build that triumphalist Pontifical Athenaeum, Regina Apostolorum, Queen of Apostles, in Rome. But I will refrain, chastened by fear of a Legion lawsuit against me.
  • Where in the LC/RC did she learn about “Peace and Justice”? The LC/RC usually avoids social issues or anything that could upset the rich and powerful. Will she get behind the poor? Will she support illegal immigrants and march for a just wage? Will she cross over? Will her contact with the seminarians, other staff and civilians humanize her and awaken her feelings?
  • Maybe in some strange, paradoxical and mysterious way Patricia will shuffle off her pseudo identity and find her real self, made in the image and likeness of God, free and fearless.
  • That is my prayer.
  • As in issues related to the Legion of Christ and Regnum Christi, when you take a closer look, it just gets curiouser and curiouser.”Do not be deceived by appearances, by the Glittering Images[iii]. Stop. Doubt. Question. Ask for answers. Stay until you get them. Bow to no holy priest…or to any full time consecrated RC!
  • A comment has planted an evil thought in my twisted mind: What is the Regnum Christi/Legion of Christ’s Intention in having this member planted in the seminary?
  • To recruit the seminarians of an important American Catholic diocese for the Regnum Christi Movement?
  • To familiarize herself (and her superiors) with the list of rich Catholic families and institutions which support this august institution? – A veritable Trojan Horse in the City of God?

[i] Cried

Alice (she was so much surprised, that for the moment she quite forgot how to speak good English).” Lewis Carrol, Alice in Wonderland.



¿El Padre Maciel, Instrumento de Dios o del Demonio?

!Papa Francisco y el Vaticano, favor de despertar!

Washington, DC, a 3-11 de agosto, 2015

Acabo de asistir al congreso internacional de SNAP, la red de sobrevivientes del abuso sexual clerical, y ayer conversé acerca del fenómeno Marcial Maciel/Legión de Cristo/Regnum Christi con un amigo conocedor de la historia Maciel/Legión. Ahora quisiera plasmar las siguientes reflecciones.



  • Después de treinta años atendiendo a los sobrevivientes de la Legión de Cristo/Regnum Christi, veo claramente una vez más la estela de destrucción dejada por Maciel/Legión de Cristo/Regnum Christi en las vidas tocadas por ellos. Porque no se trata simplemente de abusos sexuales; se trata de abusos de todo género: descuido y abandono médico, estragos psicológicos, consciencias confusas, depresión clínica y suicidio, pérdida de fe en la Iglesia, en Cristo y en Dios, abuso financiero de los miembros, familias y gente vulnerable, destierro, calumnias, ostracismo, persecución legal y amenazas…
  • Me resulta difícil, si no imposible, creer que esta institución sea una obra de Dios
  • Los últimos papas y el sistema del Vaticano, luego de constatar la podredumbre del fundador y la deformación del institituto, decidieron salvar la Legión de Cristo.
  • Nos dijeron, cual nuevo dogma de fe: Maciel, Malo; Legión, Buena. Nos pidieron creer que Dios había usado de un instrumento corrupto para crear su obra, la orden religiosa de la Legión de Cristo y el movimiento seglar, Regnum Christi.
  • El Vaticano realizó este malabarismo teológico ignorando siglos de Fe y Tradición Cristianas que vinculan la validez de una orden religiosa con el carisma, y con la la santidad e inspiración del fundador.
  • Nos piden creer que Dios hizo otro milagro: que el árbol podrido produjo fruto sano. ¿O NO SERÁ que la organización creada por el empresario Maciel, llamada Legión de Cristo,  sigue produciendo sacerdotes en serie, reclutando a miles de católicos bien intencionados y llenando los cofres con millones de dólares a una institución golpeada por acusaciones de corrupción y abuso, y que pierde a diario la fidelidad de sus miembros más instruidos y analíticos?
  • ¿Y QUE SI Marcial Maciel, el niño de Cotija, Michoacán, México, quien fuera abusado verbal, emocional, física y sexualmente, quien nunca buscó ni recibió la ayuda terapéutica necesaria para su propio psique dañado y deforme, se convirtiera a su vez en un insaciable depredador sexual y en un explotador manipulativo con aires de grandeza, creando el mito de ser escogido por Dios para salvar la Iglesia Católica, el cristianismo y el mundo entero fundando una nueva y mejor orden religiosa?
  • Pues el Padre Maciel, careciendo totalmente de auto-conocimiento y auto-consciencia, se dejó llevar de sus impulsos sexuales, controlantes y ambiciosos: el venerable Padre, disque santo Maciel fue en realidad un psicópata, Narcisista Traumatizante quien se engañaba a sí mismo pensándose el fundador de una nueva congregación religiosa para satisfacer sus propias pasiones usando y abusando a los demás.
  • ¿Y QUE SI el Padre del Engaño, y no el Espíritu Santo, tomara posesión de ese psique deforme para crear una secta diabólica, astutamente diseñada dentro de la Iglesia Católica, con el mismo espíritu que poseía Maciel: espíritu de mentira, engaño, ilusiones, control, manipulación y megalomanía para seguir hiriendo y lastimando en su sexualidad, auto-estima, dignidad humana y hasta en sus misma almas a gente generosa, idealista e ingenua?
  • Lanzo este desafío a los líderes Católicos ciegos a o deslumbrados por rutilantes espejismos

J. Paul Lennon, LC 1961-84, Licensed Professional Counselor.

PowerPoint: Legion of Christ, Regnum Christi exert Undue Influence by Recruiting Children

See blue link for ReGAIN’s Power Point Presentation at the International Cultic Studies Associations’s Annual Conference, Stockholm, Sweden, July, 2015′



we researched some Legionary recruitment of under 18s!

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  1. HWM 2015 Registration and Info Packet UNDER18…… 678-459-7405. MISSION YOUTH REGISTRATION PACKET. Under 18 Years. … HWM 2015 Registration and Info Packet UNDER18 v3.docx Last modified


The Legion continues to do this, weaseling its way into dioceses with or without the bishops’ permission, changing its appearance and appealing to the generosity of gullible Catholic youth!

  1. HWM 2015 Registration and Info Packet UNDER18…… 678-459-7405. MISSION YOUTH REGISTRATION PACKET. Under 18 Years. … HWM 2015 Registration and Info Packet UNDER18 v3.docx Last modified

Fr. Maciel, Legion of Christ Founder, Instrument of God or Satan?


Pope Francis with a group of Legionaries

August 3, 2015

I have just attended the Survivor Network of those Abused by Priests annual conference in Alexandria, VA and have been discussing Maciel, the Legion of Christ and Regnum Christi with a good and knowledgeable friend. This brought to the surface the following convictions:



  • After thirty years ministering to Legion of Christ/Regnum Christi survivors, I clearly see once again the path of destruction left by Marcial Maciel/Legion/Regnum in the lives they have sailed through. Because it is not just sexual abuse; it is abuse of all kinds: physical neglect, psychological illnesses, confused consciences, depression and suicide, loss of faith in the Church, Christ and God, financial abuse of members, families and vulnerable adults; as well as exile, calumny, ostracism, lawsuits and threats for those who will not submit.
  • The Popes and the Vatican, after their investigation of Maciel and the Legion, chose to save the Legion of Christ religious order. Pope Francis rubber-stamped his predecessors’ conclusions.
  • Telling us: Maciel bad; Legion good, and asking us to believe that God used the flawed Maciel to create His Work, the Legion of Christ Catholic Religious Order and the Regnum Christi lay movement.
  • The Vatican did this by ignoring and/or twisting centuries of Christian Faith and Tradition which link a religious order’s validity and authenticity to the charism, holiness and inspiration of the founder.
  • We are asked to believe that God performed a new miracle, that the rotten tree has produced healthy fruit.
  • Or is it just that the business created by entrepreneur Maciel, the Legion of Christ Inc., continues to mass-produce priests, astutely recruit well-meaning Catholics, and bring in millions of dollars into the Church, an institution reeling from accusations of corruption and abuse which is losing the allegiance of thinking and discriminating members?
  • What if Marcial Maciel, the verbally, emotionally, physically and sexually abused little Mexican boy, who never sought or received help for his own damaged and warped psyche, became a sexual predator and manipulative exploiter with airs of grandeur, creating the myth that he was chosen by God to save the Catholic Church, Christianity and the world by founding a new and better religious order?
  • Maciel totally lacked self-awareness and restraint, simply acting out his sexual, controlling and ambitious appetite:. Maciel, the psychopath, the Traumatizing Narcissist, who deluded himself into thinking he was creating a religious order and not a sect to satisfy his own desires, using and abusing others in the process?
  • What if the Father of Deceit, and not the Holy Spirit, took possession of that damaged psyche, to create a cleverly crafted diabolical sect within the Catholic Church, endowed with the same spirit that possessed Maciel: lies, deceit, smoke-screens, spiritual pyrotechnics, control, and self-aggrandizement that would continue to wound, damage and deceive generous, idealistic and naïve people in their sexuality, self-respect, maturity, discernment, human dignity, and in their very souls?
  • What if Maciel was able to fool Church authorities and con them into approving his fraudulent order?
  • What if Church authorities have never wanted to acknowledge they were conned by Maciel and refuse to correct their mistake?
  • I throw down the gauntlet and challenge blind Catholic Church leaders, dazzled by glittering images, to see the deceptive “cult in their midst”!

J. Paul Lennon, LC 1961-84, Licensed Professional Counselor.