Never Forget that Fr. Maciel, Legion of Christ Founder, was a pedophile who did irreparable damage

incest_juanTo give you a (horrible) taste of

what it is like, see this recent report about British politician pedophile ring.

Now they try to tell to forget this, that it was not not important, that his foundation is separate from the man. I still can’t believe that.

One thought on “Never Forget that Fr. Maciel, Legion of Christ Founder, was a pedophile who did irreparable damage”

  1. I don-t believe the accusations this author aims at Pope Benedict. Does he think that Pope Benedict had access to 212 documents sent to various departments of the Curia, which is a bureaucracy and therefore what happens in one department isn’t necessarily known by those who belong to another one? Does he think that the higher ups like Popes and cardinals are aware of every letter and accusation that arrives? They are not. Of course, Maciel knew well how the Vatican operated and he had many of those there won over due to favors, trips and gratuities. If some of the underlings received such letters, they would probably not pass them on to the higherups and they were convinced of Maciel’s integrity. Ratzinger probably had very little dealing with the Legion and, of course, if his secretary was in favor of them, then he would have been given a very positive impression of the Legion. In general popes don-t know more than what their staff tell them and the information they get is filtered by these. The Church is a huge organization and Maciel was not high in their priorities. JP II’s secretary was won over by them during his first trip to Mexico and from then on he had a favorable impression of them.

    I simply cannot believe that four successive popes were perfectly aware of what Maciel was up to and were willing to cover it up and do nothing about it because he was getting vocations and such. In fact, I think the allegations included in the article against Pope Benedict are false and a onesided misinterpretation of the facts. The author presupposes that the pope knew a whole lot of things that he probably did not know Why would he have been willing to cover up Maciel’s ill doing whilst he removed or forced to resign more than 77 bishops during his Pontificate due mainly to sexual foibles, some financial also? As for him having been offered wads of cash by the Legion, that is false. What I understand happened was, that on one occasion he was invited by the legion to celebrate a Mass at their place and they offered him an envelope, obviously containing money or a cheque, which he declined.
    What I do know is that Patricio Cerda went to see Cardinal Medina Estevez in the Vatican in 2004 and he told him about the many problems of the legion and the conduct of Maciel and also took a dossier of cases against it. Medina told him that he would personally inform Pope JP II on the matter and he made an appointment for him with Ratzinger. He spoke to him for some 20 minutes and handed over the dossier. Ratzinger told him that he would do all in his power to solve this problem. Some months later, the investigation of Maciel by Monsignor Scicluna began.

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