Tricia’s Story

This is one of a thirty part exposé on the Children of the Legion. This group of women, then girls, in the Regnum Christi, share their stories of abuse, neglect and the aftermath of being children in the Regnum Christi. For a complete list of stories to date, view Children of the Legion.

At 15 years of age, after attending many summer pre-candidacy programs, I officially became a pre-candidate. I was eager to begin my formation as a young woman whose sole purpose was to try to grow in grace and sanctity. With the eagerness of youth, I threw myself into the program, divulging my thoughts and actions without question in spiritual direction. And so began my discovery of Godʼs Will.

I was told to distance myself from those around me and to be detached from all worldly things. If I felt the least attachment to clothes or the way I looked, I was told that I was full of vanity which needed to be eradicated. Continue reading “Tricia’s Story”

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