Legion of Christ Priest Seriously Mentally Ill (SMI), as diagnosed by Superiors

You have a Serious Mental Illness!

A Legionary Priest describes how he was diagnosed as Seriously Mental Ill (SMI) by his Legionary superiors, deceitfully interned in a psychiatric hospital and treated with dangerous psychotropic medications. His self-preservation instinct, his family, one kind companion, and the help of humble lay people saved him.

The writer of this testimony wants to remain anonymous as much as possible and has avoided using names of people and places. He frequently uses “N” in the original Spanish text instead of a Legionary’s name. We only know he is a Spanish language Legionary priest who recently left the congregation to carry on his ministry in a diocese.


“The events I narrate happened very quickly and I did not have time to react normally. You might say things happened so quickly I barely realized what was going on. It was near vacation time. That year our community was going to X town to spend vacation at the home of the same family as the year before; it was close to a beach we were familiar with and liked.

About two weeks before vacation time Fr. Assistant for Religious Life came to visit our community; he was heading for X city where Y and Z communities lived and our house was on his way. He had lunch with the priests and religious and at the end of the meal, in front of everyone, he invited me to go with him on vacation. I was not particularly busy and I thought I would be nice to have a few extra days’ vacation. I had heard that this particular Legionary priest was fun to be around and I agreed.

At that moment I did not realize how the house superior was pressuring me to get my bags packed. “For goodness sake, I had just been invited!” Later I realized that the priest who had invited me also seemed in a hurry. I got into the car and took off with Fr. Assistant. But instead of going to the vacation spot we headed for another city. Father explained that his physical was due and we would pass by a hospital. He asked me how old I was and whether I had had my physical. He suggested I get a physical too. I was confirmed in my good impression about Fr. Assistant. He was being so kind as to offer me a physical, too, without me having to beg my regular superior.

We arrived at the hospital but we did not go toward the prevention section. I was walking beside the Padre. He asked me to sit in a small waiting room while he went in. Things began to happen quickly. I was sitting there waiting when Fr. Assistant came out chatting with a psychiatrist. The psychiatrist then began interviewing me. It seems that the Padre had told him that I was suffering from some mental illness. For when I entered the consulting room the decision had already been made. When I asked the psychiatrist how did he know I had such and such a mental illness he told me I was presenting with some very strange symptoms. I denied I had any such symptoms. Then the psychiatrist told me that I was not aware of my symptoms he would have to intern me in the hospital because denial was a sign my illness was in a very advanced stage. What illness? But I then decided to accept everything he was saying so as not to argue with the psychiatrist and questioning a decision taken by my superiors because I had been acting strange.

(Comment: what has happened is that this superior took advantage of his priestly authority to convince the psychiatrist that his subject was mentally ill.)

I never received any documentation describing the reasons for my hospitalization. I don’t remember how many days I was there; I didn’t know whether it was night or day. Maybe two days, maybe a month. I don’t know. They made me take some medication and I was not even able to speak. When I was released the Legion took me to a residence where Frs. X, Y and Z lived. I was put in a room on my own, isolated. Fr. X took care of me. He was very kind.

After I left the hospital the Territorial Director, The Assistant for Religious Life –the one who had deceived me about vacations- met with me and the three of us talked. They told me my treatment was not finished. I asked them why they wanted me to go through that treatment and I begged them for charity sake not to put me through that again because the drugs were very strong and were affecting my health. Fr. Territorial Director told me that it did not depend on them. They were following instructions of Nuestro Padre, Superior General Father Maciel, and they had to obey.

A few days after arriving at the house the psychiatrist told me I was having a marvelous recovery. Some days later he told me I was not ill and in front of Fr. X said that they should stop the medications immediately. But Fr. X told me I was still ill and he ordered me to continue the medications.

Summarizing I can say that I was in “treatment” for three months enclosed in a Legionary house which many Legionaries know but do not imagine what goes on there. But now it is time for me to tell you how I was miraculously cured from one day to the next.

It had been a long time since I spoke with my family. It happened to be my birthday. I do not know how my mother got my phone number but she got through the house where I was living in isolation. I had never received a phone call there and as far as I knew nobody could tell where I was.

But it was my birthday and the woman in the kitchen answered the phone and handed me the receiver. But the effect of my 8:00 am meds had not worn off yet and I could not speak properly because I could not control my facial muscles; I did not sound drunk but like a mentally retarded person who slurs his speech. I told my mother that I was fine but she began to cry. With this I became more distraught and my speech got worse. Then she hung up.

A few minutes later my dad got on the phone and I was still unable to talk properly. So my older brother snatched the phone from his hand and said he was coming to visit me and where was I staying. I did not know the address but I said such and such a city which was not far from them. They said they were taking the first bus; my father and my brother.

At lunchtime I went to the Padres dining room and told Fr. X with a lot of satisfaction that as it was my birthday my family was coming to visit with me. He got up immediately and called the local superior who came over to the house as quickly as he could. He told me to tell my family they could not visit me; he told me to call them and tell them not to come. I got annoyed ant told him my family did not have a vow of obedience and besides they were already on their way. His tone changed and he insisted I tell them not to come because Nuestro Padre (Superior General, Fr. Maciel) had already given the order that I be transferred to another country, that my plane was leaving shortly and when they arrived I would not be around. I reminded the superior that I had been declared mentally ill. He replied that I was now cured and to start getting my belongings together.

After the local superior left I went to see Padre X who had been so kind to me “during my illness.” He told me I should give thanks to God for having recovered my health. I told him I believed I never had been ill. He opened his eyes real wide, looked directly at me and stated: “Well, I don’t think you have ever been ill either. But don’t say that (out loud). Don’t you see that if you insist about never having been ill the superiors are going to leave you here longer? What you should do is go to the superiors and thank them for all they have done for you to help you recover. That way they are going to leave you alone.”

I went to me new assignment anyway. They had washed their hands of me without leaving a trace. A new Calvary began for me: I had stopped my meds suddenly before my system had detoxed. I suffered from terrible anxiety crises, headaches and insomnia.

The superiors there did the opposite to those before. I was the one who asked to go see a doctor; I felt I needed something to calm my anxiety as a result of withdrawal. This new superior told me my trouble was that I was not used to working with the poor. At that point I began secretly begging money from the faithful to pay the trip to the doctor. I paid my trip, saw the doctor and, thank goodness, he did not charge me. I explained my situation to him. He examined me and did a blood test. He then got me an appointment with a specialist. I paid for these trips with money I begged from the local people. The specialist in X told me that from a medical point of view it was impossible that I had ever suffered such and such an illness and recovered in less than a year. In other words, I never had that illness. He explained that the medication I had been taken could not be suspended just like that because of the level of certain substances in my system; to do so would cause anxiety and insomnia. He prescribed new medications. By that time I was leery of doctors and so went to consult with a doctor I really trusted. He coincided with the previous doctor: that I was OK. I then began to take the prescribed meds to facilitate my full recovery.

I want to state very clearly that the Legion did not give me a red cent for these medications which, incidentally, were very expensive. I continued to ask for alms and collected money for my meds. I spoke with Fr. Y and Z about the need I had for the meds. Fr. Y flatly told me that our insurance did not cover that.

A psychiatrist who saw me seven years after these sad events assured me that it was impossible that I could ever have suffered from such and such a mental illness. He gave me a clean bill of health. At that point I stopped taking medications –seven years after the Legion did a job on me. Almost everything (the meds, because the consultations were free) was paid by lay people and by the poor. If you, the reader, want more information I can refer you to Drs. X, Y and Z; these were the three doctors who treated me and have my medical records.”

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  1. Ce témoignage est d’une extrême importance qui mérite d’autant plus d’être relevée qu’il s’applique à la majorité des nouvelles communautés religieuses dont les fondateurs à l’instar de Martial Maciel, sont des schizophrènes paranoïaques. De fait, ces communautés sujettes à de graves dérives sectaires -tel Père, tel fils- produisent de graves troubles psychiatriques et physiologiques chez ceux qui ne peuvent assumer le clivage imposé entre une vie religieuse vécue extérieurement comme légitime et une vie intérieure tronquée. Cet état conflictuel se traduit par des comportements déconnectés du réel perturbant la communauté et sa “bonne” réputation qui seule rentre en ligne de compte. Ceci explique cela: le scenario toujours le même, d’abord de l’éloignement du frère (ou de la soeur) puis la visite de psychologues ou psychiatres- de préférence amis du couvent-enfin de l’internement , quoiqu’il en soit toujours du rejet implacable de l’élément gênant. Il y a donc double traumatisme celui de la déstructuration de la personne en tant que telle puis du rejet qui est vécu comme un échec dont elle serait responsable. Dans tous les cas, il y transfert dans des lieux reculés ou à l’étranger.Les parents sont tenus à l’écart et toutes traces de l’ “incident” sont effacées. On peut compter ainsi de nombreux cas de disparitions ou d’internements à vie sans recours lorsque la famille a perdu le contact ou n’est pas prêtre à se battre pour retrouver son fils (ou sa fille) considéré comme irrécupérable.
    Ceci est un des aspects du phénomène de secte sévissant dans l’Eglise qui doit être porté à la connaissance des familles et de l’Etat car les religieux dans cet état, non seulement ne peuvent bénéficier de l’aide de leur Mère l’Eglise mais encore ont perdu leurs droits de citoyens dont ils n’ont plus conscience.Cette liquidation en règle, digne des pires régimes totalitaires, au XXIème siècle est un véritable crime contre l’Humanité significatif d’une régression alarmante pour tous les sujets quels qu’ils soient.

    1. Thank you for the comment. For the non French speaking viewers, here is a rough translation.

      This testimony is of extreme importance that deserves all the more to be ressurectrd as it applies to the majority of new religious communities whose founders like Marcial Maciel, are paranoid schizophrenics. In fact, these communities are prone to serious sectarian abuses, Father -such as son- produce severe psychiatric and physiological disorders in those who can not afford the divide between religious life imposed externally perceived as legitimate and a truncated inner life. This state of conflict results in behavior disconnected from reality disrupting the community and its “good” reputation that only comes into play.

      This explains it: the script is always the same, first the brother of remoteness (or sister) and visiting psychologists psychiatres- preferably friends finally convent of internment, anyway relentless always reject the annoying element. There twofold trauma that of the disintegration of the person as such and the rejection is seen as a failure of which it is responsible. In all cases, there transfer in remote locations or étranger. The parents are kept out and all traces of the “incident” is erased. You can count so many cases of disappearances or life internment without recourse when the family lost contact or is not a priest to fight to find his son (or daughter) considered unrecoverable.

      This is one aspect of the cult phenomenon rampant in the Church that must be brought to the knowledge of the families and the state as religious in this state, not only can benefit from using their Mother Church but have lost their rights as citizens they no longer conscience. Cette liquidation rule, worthy of the worst totalitarian regimes in the XXI century is a real crime against humanity alarmingly significant regression for all topics that what they are.

  2. My impression of the related symptoms by the writer is that he was placed on a cocktail of heavy duty Psyche meds including a Throazine type medication that causes tardive dyskinesia
    symptoms as explained by the lack of control of facial muscles and slurred speech. Eventually, he would have presented with a dragging gait. That usually happens after 90 days of the medication and can be permanent. At that point this man would present as being seriously ill and a Physician who did not know that he was given these psychotropics might possibly subject him to other various and even more powerful drugs and treatments for a disease like Parkinsons which these symptoms can mimic.

    I am very concerned that the Legion may be or have been using their members as guinea pigs for drug trials or combination drug therapies by an entity connected to Pharmacology research or something even more sinister. This and other stories like this should be investigated further. This is very serious information.

  3. Psychiatry as it is practiced is total fraud. The DSM is anything but scientific. There is no such thing as a chemical imbalance, except the one caused by the drugs. The stress I was under due to life in the Legion caused me to to be hospitalized twice and misdiagnosed by American psychiatrists as bipolar. Having been able to red a bit about this condition, I realized that I am not nor never have been subject to mood swings. I was on lithium and other such drugs, such as navane for 14 years, until by the grace of God was in Argentina where a pychiatrist told me that I am not bipolar and took me off those drugs. It casued me kidney problems and later when I was in Chile I had a huge incease in blook pressure, again due to stress which provoked anxiety. That was no surprise as I was the victim a real persecution and they lied to every bishop I approached when I tried to get out of it. They were always concered that I take the medication and a psychiatrist in NY had me scared by telling me that if I didn’t take lithium I would get more breakdowns. He charged $150 a session for his useless or rather harmful advice. Again in Chile, I was put o several of those drugs, until I decided to wean myself off them and get back to normal as they have a deleterious effect on anyone who takes them.

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