Diocese Ban Legion of Christ and Regnum Christi

Archdiocese Of Baltimore Restricts Activities Of The Legion Of Christ And The Regnum Christi

Archdiocese Of St. Paul Minneapolis Bans Legion And RC (12/01/04)

Baton Rouge Diocesan Officials Warn Parents About Legion And Regnum Christi Activities

Legion And RC Banned From Diocese Of Columbus, Ohio

Catholic Diocese Of Richmond, Virginia Keeps Legion Of Christ And Regnum Christi Out

Archdiocese Of Los Angeles, California Restricts Activities Of The Legion Of Christ

3 thoughts on “Diocese Ban Legion of Christ and Regnum Christi”

    1. Paul Lennon – Dubliner, Legionary of Christ [1961-84], mental health therapist living in the Washington DC are since 1985, bilingual Spanish, 13 years in Mexico, married to a pretty Guatemalan; I am "amateur writer", translator, co founder of REGAIN, INC, www.regainnetwork.org, Legionary of Christ "expert", member of International Cultic Studies Association.
      Da Man from Cabra West says:

      Sorry for not getting back to you on this. Have been under the weather. It would seem that the Archdiocese of Atlanta has been firmly in the Legionaries of Christ’s pocket for years. The Regnum Christi will help the rich enter easily into the Kingdom of Heaven by giving large donations to this prosperous religious organization -and to the archdiocese.

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