The Abuse Continues for The Girls of Immaculate Conception Academy

This story was originally posted on the 49 Weeks Blog. We feel it is important to resurrect it in order to shed some light into the abuse and continual abuse of the Legionaries of Christ. ReGAIN will continue to advocate for, and support all former members of the Regnum Christi and Legionaries of Christ.

49 Weeks

The consecrated at Immaculate Conception Academy are still actively recruiting highschool-age girls to attend the Precandidacy (despite assuring us they are no longer recruiting).

They have placed a recruitment poster on their Facebook page. We were pretty upset when we saw that, and began posting comments sharing our experiences regarding the Precandidacy. Our comments quickly kept disappearing, and we were soon prevented from posting anything further on their page. At least ten former Precandidates have had their comments deleted and were blocked from commenting further on the page.


Here is a sample of what was posted then deleted within minutes (this comment was by Sarita):

I understand fully that both the PC and RC are in a time of transition and reform. But in order to fully correct all of the severe mistakes that have been made in the past, who better to help in that process than the alumni of the Precandidacy? Many of us are quite concerned that the PC is still actively recruiting even though the Movement is in such a period of upheaval.

Each one of the alumni that have posted on this page have had their comments deleted and have been blocked from this page. Is this the spirit of the Regnum Christi Renewal? In my past experience, RC has characterized all former members who have had a negative experience as bitter and angry and have done everything to shut down our concerns (eg. the ReGAIN website that was sued). By both deleting and blocking your former alumni, it seems that this attitude has not been rectified. If this is not a place where former alumni can air our opinions, both positive and negative, where else can we go? To date, RC has not publicly reached out to former PC’s who have been hurt by their experiences in the Precandidacy.

I understand by posting this comment I will most likely be blocked, but I truly feel strongly about the well being of all PC’s, both past, present and future. I sincerely hope that your search for peace during this renewal will lead to a holy and healthy life for all members.


I (Megan) was less diplomatic, and deserved to have my comment deleted, but enjoyed posting it nonetheless,

The PC has a proven track record of abuse. They shouldn’t be raising kids. RC and LC were started by a guy who raped his own sons as well as the little boys others trusted to his care. The entire system was developed to protect him from the consequences of his sins. The PC has taken healthy, generous, loving, faith-filled young women and maimed them over and over and over and over. There is no meaningful reform for an organization based on lies and corruption. I have no problem with adults participating in such a rotten organization, but RC and LC have no business being involved in children’s lives.

Immaculate Conception Academy has since posted this comment, “The is a page dedicated to promoting the activities of ICA. It isn’t a place for criticism and venting. Inappropriate comments will be deleted and people who persist in that sort of posting will be blocked.”

We find it interesting that ICA allows comments from one former PC and a couple parents who extol the heavenly aura of luminescent holiness at the PC, but anyone who wishes to leave a more realistic account of life there is deleted and blocked.


Most of us who were blocked received a version of this message from one of the consecrated working at ICA:

I am a consecrated woman of Regnum Christi and I help to manage the page for Immaculate Conception Academy. I have been working there this past year.

I understand that you have suffered and are suffering because of your past involvement in Regnum Christi and I truly wish that weren’t the case… I am also aware that you are a part of the discussion group for current and former members. I have felt confident that the discussion group can be productive and bear much fruit in helping us with our renewal process. I have been taking note of many of the good observations and comments that have been made, especially since I am now working at Immaculate Conception.

I noticed your recent comments on one of our posts and I want to remind you that this page is for people who “LIKE” Immaculate Conception. I am totally open to all discussions about various topics regarding the program, but our page is certainly NOT the forum for such discussions. For this reason, I have had to remove your comments.

Thank you for your understanding. God bless.


Most of us responded, but we all loved Frances’s response.

I’m not really sure what the purpose of this email is. To show me how open minded and open to discussion ICA has become since I went there? Hmmm, I find it odd then that you are furiously deleting posts and blocking those of us who speak the truth, from our hearts, about our time at ICA. What are you trying to hide? The truth? Why? So that your beloved “recruitment” numbers stay up?

Don’t you think the PC would be flourishing if it was God’s will? Why are you promoting a school that has contributed in such a negative way to the lives of SO MANY of it’s alumni? Is this your “Apostolate”? Do you think you are doing God’s will? If so, God help you, you are only driving people further from him.

Have you ever use the site Yelp? What good would it be if all the reviews on the site were good? Would you feel like you were getting an objective view of a restaurant or nail salon… NO, which is why such sites exist. Which makes me think. You can make it your personal mission to start deleting and blocking comments on the ICA Facebook page, but here’s a hint: I work in social media, and the internet is my oyster.

Let me leave you with this. I pity you, because you probably believe what you are doing is good, and I will give you the benefit of the doubt for that. But I assure you, one day you will realize the gravity of leading people into an organization founded on evil and lies, and you will be begging God for forgiveness for all the souls you led astray. Or else you’ll be completely indifferent to him like the majority of those who suffered through the PC. Either way, when you are in your night prayer today, and your meditation tomorrow morning, and someone else is “praying” for you, try to remember when the last time you made YOUR OWN rational, human, FREE decision. But don’t think too hard, THEY MIGHT NOTICE. Your job isn’t to think, it’s too obey. And if you leave, they’ll just replace you with another complacent robot.

Hmmmm, and now let’s think back. What kind of regimes were open to discussion, and which ones block out all dissent? You must be besties with Kim Jong Il and Castro. Lucky you.


And Katie’s response.

Dear —
I have to say I’m surprised you’re taking comments down. Some of you still consecrated are saying “we’re open to dialogue” but not allowing it on a site, no matter what the purpose, shows me you aren’t. Honestly, saying “it doesn’t fit the purpose of the site” is a poor excuse. What are you afraid of? Are you afraid someone will read it and decide not to send their child to the convention or summer program? The best way to test the validity of something is to let EVERYONE who wants to say something say it, and then weigh the comments. How many positives vs. how many negatives. Let the girls and their parents decide for themselves.

Knowing what I know now about ICA and RC, I would not go to the PC, also I would not let my daughter or anyone I know go. Why? It’s not what it’s advertised to be. A group that says “we’ll help you discern God’s will” turns into a manipulating, mind controlling, experience that DOESN’T result in girls able to discern, or even see what a vocation looks like because they are so stressed, so anxious, and can’t think for themselves because whatever they DO think, can’t be right unless it’s from their director.

I am aware of some changes that have been made at the PC and in consecrated life. Great! Keep them coming! However, I strongly believe that while RC is under reform they need to CEASE recruitment. If they TRULY care about the people who are showing interest, they would say “you know what, we’re cleaning house, we are happy you are feeling called, but in good conscience we can’t let you join right now because it’s not stable and it wouldn’t be in your best interest. Give us a few years to figure out who we are and what we’re about, and then check back. In the meantime, check out some of the other orders in the church that share so many of our similarities and are STABLE, and have been around for YEARS and have had time to work out all the issues they had.”

I urge you to re-think your decision to take down the comments. I believe if you REALLY care for the girls thinking of coming and really want to HELP RC reform and become TRULY transparent, you will let anyone who comments, comment and let the cleansing of RC and the PC run it’s course.

God Bless you too.

Feel free to stop by the Immaculate Conception Academy Facebook page (If it is still active) and share your thoughts about their program.


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