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This is one of a thirty part exposé on the Children of the Legion. This group of women, then girls, in the Regnum Christi, share their stories of abuse, neglect and the aftermath of being children in the Regnum Christi. For a complete list of stories to date, view Children of the Legion.

Thinking of the reunion and going back to see friends brings up something that has always really upset me about my high school experience. The idea/reality that we couldn’t have “particular” friends. Don’t get me wrong, I loved and liked everyone there… but in the real world people do have best/close friends. I believe I really craved a good close friend in high school. I can’t count the number of times I got pulled into an office to be told not to hang out so much with one person or another. Those brief moments of escape… jumping on the back of moving vans with J and A, chatting during housework in the lab with C… those moments where I felt I could be a friend were moments I sought out and looked forward to. I guess not having a close friend just enforced the feeling of being alone which many other people have also described. Still a bit bitter about it when I look back at life there, but I also know a lot of the people I met are true friends even if we never really got to know each other or share our souls.

49 Weeks
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