Charism or no Charism? That is the Question

The Legion/Regnum has the habit of plastering over unpleasant subjects; such as the existence or no of an authentic religious charism in this institution.

Of course, an even worse habit is ASSUMING something exists or is true. And, as therapists say, “When you assume something; you make an “ASS” out of “U” and and “ass” out of “ME. It is astounding that Cardinal De Paolis, charged by Pope Benedict XVI with examining the Legion fell into the same trap. He excused himself saying that Pope BXVI did not send him to question the Legion but only to correct it…. Still trying to wrap my mind around these disquisitions and Scholastic distinctions. All very confusing. “All the better to mislead you, my dear”

The Legion aparatchik for its part has tried to block the obvious questions by coming out with a booklet on the subject, written by Frs. Langan et X which unfortunately lacks theological weight.

ReGAIN is presently in touch with a thinking LC/RC member who is studying this thorny question from an theological perspective, focusing on whether Fr. Maciel had a really true religious experience associated with the founding of the order, “religious congregation”.

Insightful readers of Cardinal De Paolis interventions and the recent Extraordinary Chapter General will realize that the deeper questions regarding charism have been sidestepped. assumed, swept under the carpet.

It is fashionable for all parties to begin their discourse with: “Now we all know that the Legion has a God-given charism…

Nobody, or very few, is willing to stand up and shout “Look at the king…. the king is in his altogether, its altogether the most remarkable suit of clothes that I have ever seen..”

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