Pope Signals Legion of Christ Reform to Continue

No true reform is possible when a religious order's founder has been so discredited and when the essential spirit guiding it is so undefined (Nicole Winfield ) Associated Press

Pope Francis issued a letter made public, stating that the election of new leadership and revisions to constitutions (expected in early 2014) would be fundamental steps in the path towards authentic and profound renewal

Nicole Winfield of the Associated Press has issued an article regarding the progress of reform process Click Here

The Associated Press story notes that the Pope's wording indicates that the reform project will hardly end next year and that these events are just one step in the process. Nicole Winfield comments that many Legionary priests have departed after becoming disillusioned with Cardinal De Paolis' efforts and they are convinced that no true reform is possible when a religious order's founder has been so discredited and when the essential spirit guiding it is so undefined, adding that many of the leaders who covered up Maciel's crimes, or their proteges, are still in positions of power.

Pope Francis has confirmed that Cardinal DePaolis' term will end after the 2014 general chapter and that will be before the reform of the Regnum Christi lay branch has been completed.

Former Regnum Christi member Genevieve Kineke was quoted as saying that the reform process had been cosmetic at best and never addressed the key question of the cult-like dynamic that created the problems in the first place adding that the same duplicity is so deeply embedded in the congregation that they can proceed in no other way

ReGAIN Comment

There have been a number of preliminary indications that Pope Francis will be taking an active interest and personal involvement in overseeing the situation in 2014, immediately following the General Chapter. We certainly hope this proves to be the case and that those who have blocked an authentic reform process will be held accountable.

There is a tremendous potential source of talent and resources available to the Church if these could be directed toward genuine and inspired spiritual objectives.

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