Greenville R.I. Formation Centre To Close at End of Academic Year

Nancy Nohrden, Territorial Director for Consecrated Women for Regnum Christi announced that Mater Ecclesiae College will be closing as of the end of the current academic year.

Regain Comment

Ms Nohrden pointed out that because of their formation at MEC, dozens of women have discerned a call to consecrated life in Regnum Christi and over a hundred women have received a Bachelor of Arts degree. She did not mention the inconvenient fact that hundreds of these same women have headed for the doors and re&45;evaluated where they are truly called to be.

The letter states that their formation (3 GF candidates) continues to be a priority. We wonder why this is so, considering that so many have left in recent years and that many claim they have been victimized and are now requiring psychological and emotional counseling. Their free will has been compromised by a methodology most similar to that utilized by typical cult groups and is considered by cult experts to be mind control practices.

We have empathy for those sincere and devout young women who had at some point made a decision to serve God and their Church and who must now feel their lives have been disrupted. We can&t help but feel however, that this could serve as a wake-up call to remind them that the methodology for their way of life was designed by a twisted founder, who established rules and procedures that would serve his own lust for power, money and sexual victims. Their fraudulent founder established a way of life for the 3 GF&s that too away all their personal power, made them fully dependant, isolated them from family and all loved ones, violated their privacy, used spiritual direction as a means of exploiting them, tricked them into believing that they had a special standing within the Church that did not exist. The discernment that Ms Nohrden talks about in her announcement for decades included overly coercive means

If anyone now fails to understand why people are not lining up to enter into Father Maciel&s dens of horror, they could read through the testimonies and articles on this website and others such as or or simply do a Google search for Legionaries of Christ and deceit. fraud, abuse, exploit, money, power, etc.

The period of renewal is over and things in Legion land are gradually returning to normal after having made some superficial changes. The opportunity to have a genuine reform has come and gone. There remains a hope that because Pope Francis has appointed people from the Vatican to monitor their operations, he will be motivated to insist that real changes be implemented. Otherwise, the Legion and Regnum Christi will continue to provide topics for discussion at the International Cultic Studies Association conferences.

At ReGAIN, we felt that when the founder`s depravities became acknowledged in 2009, that all recruiting, ordinations and especially the consecrations should have been put on hold. This didn`t happen. Business continued as usual all through the renewal period. We are not sorry to see that there is enough information out there now for potential new recruits to do their due diligence and that except for a small handful, people are finding other places to devote their lives..

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