Father Deomar De Guedes Vaz, Legionaries of Christ Number 2 Man Steps Down

As the Legion’s general chapter fast approaches, Father Deomar De Guedes, 51, a Brazilian priest who was promoted to be the Legion’s Number 2 Man early in 2012, according to an article in the National Catholic Register Click Here wishes to leave the Legionaries of Christ because there is no hope of change in the Legion. The article suggests that this (unexpected) resignation reflects poorly on the reform process that has been led by Cardinal DePaolis.

Reportedly, although the Legion Number 2 Man expressed a clear wish to be exclaustrated from the Legion, Cardinal DePaolis has granted him permission to reside outside of the religious community for a one year period and then have an opportunity to reconsider his position.

Father Deomar de Guedes, who was head of the Legionaries of Christ in Spain for years before his 2012 promotion has indicated that he does not have the necessary energy to confront the challenges of his position. In another article in Spanish on this same topic in Religion Digital, Click Here Father Demar has indicated that he feels there is no hope for (genuine positive) change in the Legion. He commented that 70 per cent of the Legionary leaders before the scandal remain in the top positions they had previously and that they wish to have things continue as they were before (in the days of their founder Father Marcial Maciel). According to the Spanish article, Father Deomar de Guedes was well liked and was a driving force for renewal in the Church.

ReGAIN Comment:

With nine words: There is No Hope of Change in The Legion Father Deomar de Guedes sums up the net result of three years of reform.

Shortly after the arrival of Cardinal DePaolis, it became evident to those of us who were interested in the fate of the Legion and Regnum Christi that there was no genuine interest among the leaders in making the positive changes required to become something beautiful for God by completely restructuring Maciel’s creations. After all wouldn’t that have been like trying to make Frankenstein’s monster into a real person?

Unlike other religious orders which go through a reform process, there was in this case no inspired charism to go back to and no saintly example to rebuild on. When you peel away the outer layers of a cult group that is built upon deceit, there is no healthy inner core. The founder had no genuine religious sentiment and showed interest in getting more money and recruits. It would seem that after Father Deomar realized that there was no genuine intention of the old guard to even attempt to become something that they aren’t and he decided to look somewhere else for a place where he could serve God in an authentic vocation.

ReGAIN wishes Father Deomar success in his new position wherever he goes with prayers that he will discover how he can use his unique talents and abilities to be of service to God and to the Church in a healthier environment.

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