Exodus as Pope’s Legion Reform Lags – Nicole Winfield Associated Press Article Publicizes Real Reasons Why Reform Is Needed

Nicole Winfield covers a lot of territory in a hard hitting article about the current status of things in the Legion and Regnum Christi.

With skillful use of words she tells of the frustration of those on the inside and their family members who had hoped for significant change but are having to continue their wait.

Based on new terms coined, some members are awake (they are aware of the abuses of the Legion system) or they are still asleep (unaware of the systematic abuses)

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ReGAIN Comment:

There were a couple of interesting comments made during Cardinal DePaolis’s interview by Nicole Winfield.

When he was asked to define the charism he replied bella domando (good question). O.K. so that begs the question: what’s the answer?

His response to the issue of why there have been no heads rolling yet provided interesting insights into the challenges he faces in living up to peoples’ expectations and perhaps explains why there has been so little progress to date in the reformation process.

If they (the superiors) wanted to sabotage me, it would have been so easy. If I had made myself the superior they wouldn’t give me information, they would have hidden it from me.

The Vatican Commissioner did not say that he felt there was a possibility that the Legion leaders might keep things hidden from him. His statement makes it quite clear that he expects them to try to bamboozle him.

It is also interesting to note that a group of at least 20 current and former Legionary priests are in the early stages of forming an association to support Legion priests who leave the order and that this could encourage others to join the rush towards the exit doors.

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