Abuser’s Catholic Order Awaits Vatican Judgment

The fate of the Legion now depends on the results of the Vatican investigation Pope Benedict XVI began last year.

Referring to this as a salvage operation and a mopping up, Jason Berry suggests that if the pope is genuinely intent on dealing with the crisis, at a minimum he would have to remove the entire high command.

The full article may be seen at:
Abusers Catholic Order

ReGAIN believes that by now the Pope and his hierarchy, having carried out a year long investigation into the life of the founder (2005-6) and recently a worldwide Vatican visitation, should have a good understanding of the nature and Modus Operandi of the Legion. Jason Berry has recently disclosed how Fr. Maciel used money to buy influence and protection from members of the hierarchy.

Will the Pope now take the necessary tough action as recommended by knowledgeable Catholic writers and theologians? As High Noon approaches and new questions are being asked, the world watches and waits to see whether the Vatican will get it right this time regarding Fr. Maciel's Foundation.

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