ReGAIN Friends React to Vatican Statement on Legion

From one of the original abuse victims:

I am very disappointed at the Vatican’s timid, inadequate and inconclusive communique. It’s just another of their customary strategies to save face. With it, all that the Pope and Vatican officials want is to buy time in order for them to save the Legion, and disengage themselves from the filth created by the crimes and monstrosities of Maciel.

From a Former LC priest, now married
So the bottom line is that the Pope is not dissolving the Legion, not removing Major Superiors, redefining Legionary 'charism' and hoping for the group to bring in more money and vocations to the Church through his own Delegate? -
I’m speechless…

From a former Legionary, active diocesan priest
I don’t think that it goes far enough What about all of those (like us) who have been screwed over?

From a Brother of a former Spanish LC seminarian who knew Maciel personally
And there stand the victims; and nobody bothers about them

[From a former Legionary priest, now married with children.]
In a word: I never thought MM was the problem: it was the system, approved by Vatican, that produced MM and abuses.
So, Vatican needs to condemn and correct itself; and LCs repay those abused.
I went to hear a Holocaust survivor last week; same story, 'evil wins when the good do nothing' .

From an uncle of an LC seminarian nephew
For what it is worth, I don’t see how this is anything but an unmitigated disaster for the Legion?.

For years the Legion has been putting forth three justifications for its legitimacy: the confidence of the pope, official church approval of the LC and RC constitutions and statutes, and the assumption that its founder was a saintly man. Now all three myths are completely shattered. The pope so distrusts them that he is putting the organization under direct Vatican supervision. A commission is being appointed to review and presumably reform its constitutions and statutes. And Maciel. . . well, need I say more?

Consider the extreme harshness of tone and blunt criticism in today’s Vatican statement compared to the wishy-washy language of the communique inviting him to retire to a life of prayer and penitence. In light of all this how can they continue promoting the fantasy that they are an elite group whose formation is somehow better?

From an Ex RC married woman
Finally….Some vindication for victims?


[Retired Catholic bishop]
Vatican-speak or not, somebody in Rome is getting up before breakfast. The speed with which this tentative report has been given tells me that they don’t want to be perceived as dragging their feet.

From a Father of a 3gf Consecrated
IF the rule changes allow 3gf’s to be given much more freedom and IF they are taught how to use their freedom wisely and IF they are allowed to live more like real lay people (instead of pretend nuns) and IF they are provided with more contact with family members, IF they are allowed to form real friendships, adequate health care, pensions, free time, pocket money etc they could develop a life closer to what they were originally looking for and the Church would benefit from their dedication (to Jesus not to MM).

On Life-After-RC Blog Giselle Ste Marie posts a positive slant:

  1. The founder has been exposed for what he was. Truth has prevailed;
  2. The methodology (claimed as infallible) has been dealt a mortal blow;
  3. The hierarchy has been indicted as unhealthy and unworkable;
  4. The abuse of conscience in particular has been noted and will end;
  5. The abuse of the victims has been acknowledged and affirmed;
  6. The good will of the members has been affirmed which they need;
  7. The consecrated members will receive particular guidance for their future;
  8. The seriousness of this scandal has been given unprecedented attention;
  9. The Holy Father has proven himself pastoral and firm.

Giselle adds:
Legion Spin may or may not continue - remember they will have outside superiors and need approval for such communications. All the elements necessary to carry on an elite cult of personality have been effectively dismantled. People are free to stay and rebuild (with no existing charism to compel them) and they have a safe haven for as long as they need it before stepping back into the world (should they so choose). Whether or not the rank-and-file RC’s understand it, every member of the hierarchy knows what this means.
I am very gratified, and very grateful to these men for the very consuming task they undertook. I know you will continue to pray for them and the future of all these people.

The reactions come following years and months of waiting for the Vatican to complete their investigations and to actually do something to bring order out of the chaos that has gone on for too long.

Everyone is aware that the Vatican statement was made immediately after the meeting of the highest ranking members of the hierarchy including the Holy Father himself. As details unfold through the coming weeks we will have a clearer picture of what they intend to do.

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