Pope Benedict XVI: “Vatican Acted Slowly, Late In Legion Scandal”

Based on an Associated Press article, Pope Benedict XVI lamented that the Vatican acted slowly and late in a scandal surrounding the Legionaries of Christ.

Monsignor Rino Fisichella, head of the Vatican’s evangelization office, called for an investigation by the Vatican to determine who inside the Legion covered up for Maciel – those who took his appointments, those who kept his agenda, those who drove him around.

Monsignor Fisichella had been responding to questions about the Pope’s comment that Fr. Maciel’s crimes had been concealed together with reports about senior members of the hierarchy protecting him for decades and he suggested that the Vatican check inside the Legion, rather than outside it.

The Legion has announced that there have been two new appointments, including territorial director for Italy and new general dean of studies. Both of these posts have been held by Fr. Luis Garza, the vicar general. Cardinal Velasio De Paolis will appoint the two new members himself. Fr. Garza will remain in his other positions as the general director’s delegate to the Regnum Christi consecrated women as well as vicar general.

To see the entire Associated Press article Vatican Acted Slowly

ReGAIN notes that there may be a connection with Sandro Magister’s Oct 25 article in CHIESA regarding the chill between the new cardinal (who has controlling power of the Legion) and the vicar general and the current article regarding the shuffle reported by Associated Press.

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