Maciel’s Ghost Still Haunts the Castle, According to Active Legionary Priest

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In his recent article: Maciel's Ghost Still Haunts the Castle Sandro Magister states that his system of power continues to function.

He points out that in spite of the Vatican's efforts to cut off the ties between the Legionaries of Christ and their founder, Maciel's unseen presence continues to have major influence in the daily life of the Legion communities all over the world and the denial continues.

But Sandro Magister sees hope for those who have become frustrated with the lack of concrete action to date and may doubt that the Vatican fully understands what needs to be done. Statements in the May 30 Vatican communique clearly showed that they could see through the defence mechanisms and that they intend to take real action.

The removal and eventual replacement prefect of the congregation, Cardinal Franc Rode, (the Legion's last major protector at senior levels of the Vatican is expected to cut off some of the escape routes used in the past.

In the letter from Fr. Peter F. Byrne, to Legion director general Alvaro Corcuera, Fr. Byrne expresses his negative feelings about the way the Legion continues to honor their founder and to continue immoral practices such as grooming wealthy families to tap into their money

He offers suggestions for converting the places of honor in Fr Maciel's birthplace of Cotija La Paz Mexico to recognize and commemorate Fr Maciel's victims and possibly develop a place of healing for priests in the grip of alcohol or other vices.

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