Maciel’s Cynicism Outrages Irish Victim From The 60’s

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By Michael F. Caheny, PhD

[The Co. Sligo born author entered the LC Novitiate in Salamanca, Spain on September 15th, 1961, at the age of 16/17 and continued through theology studies. His Apostolic Practices took him to the Junior Seminary School in Mexico in 1969. He exited the LC before ordination and was ordained for the Irish diocese of Elfin on 9/17/72. After many years of priestly ministry with the Brazilian poor, in 1985 he took a leave of absence. He is presently married and has two teenage boys. Michael was sexually initiated by Fr. Maciel in 1962 and the abusive relationship continued through 1969.]

  1. . Just recently via internet I became aware of the vastness of the discussion related to the Legion of Christ and its Founder.
  2. Being one of the first Irish Legionaries, and having had contact with the founder at a level that very few had or were aware of, I would like to make some statements regarding this whole issue for clarity's sake.
  3. For start[er]s. Marcial Maciel is totally dishonest affirming that he is innocent of charges made against him of being a pedophile. The list of people molested by him (including myself) is far more numerous than those who have brought charges. I can say that the number over the past four decades reaches nearly 100 people. Some have left the congregation; others have remained in silence with fear in their hearts and will never say a word not even to a Church investigator. I know that most of the first candidates who came from Mexico (as little boys) were sexually abused. Maciel told me on different occasions, especially under the influence of Demerol, about the sizes of the penises of different [LC] members, e.g., Fr. S's is really big!
  4. People from inside the congregation who write and defend him are just obeying orders and painting the black cat white. I was sexually abused by him in Italy and Mexico on various occasions, and I told the late Pope and [the] present this fact, and I will take a lie detector test to prove it. Will Maciel do this?
  5. To write about Maciel as if he were a great man or saint is just pure stupidity. This man is incapable of even writing a decent letter! But he did discover that the Church needed a link between the Vatican and governments. He started by [with] the Mexican Government and the Vatican. He has extended the congregation principally by [through] the Irish who had the ease to go to the States, Australia, etc.
  6. [Editor corrected numbers: the author here repeats the number 5] People shouldn't be taken in by the fact that the Legion claims it has so many priests and followers. So has the Dalai Lama! The name Legion of Christ was taken from the name Legion of Mary?, and a picture given by the founder of the Legion of Mary [Editor: Frank Duff, to Maciel] on a flight to Lourdes! The Regnum Christi folders were all developed from a book written by some Spanish author about The Kingdom! The Norms and Rules of the Legion were all taken from the Rule of St. Benedict and later adapted, but not inspired after Masses celebrated by our Mexican Mistake Maciel!
  7. All the people who originally got into a position of power were victims of Maciel -who shut [Ed., sealed] their lips by going to confession to them- or were his lackeys. Becoming a superior was never based on competence but on complete and total submission to Nuestro Padre (Echoes of St. Ignatius?). Opus Dei and the Jesuits were always the benchmark for Maciel who just imitated their tactics and arse-licked Vatican authorities.
  8. Fr. Jorge Bernal was named bishop of Quintana Roo to get rid of him and have a footing inside the Mexican Hierarchy. He has also suffered at the culprit's hands!
  9. Christmas time is special. All the cardinals in Rome receive their special Christmas Box with goods imported from Spain. But, favors are expected later.
  10. Fr. Roberto Gonzalez, [LC], placed in the [Vatican] Congregation of Bishops, abused information [confidentiality] by telling Maciel that Archbishop Ryan of Dublin would succeed Cardinal Mc Quaid. Fr. Ryan suddenly received a visit by [from] Maciel insinuating that it was him [Maciel] who had indicated [influenced that].
    Editor: Fr. Gonzalez was sent away from Rome to a friendly Italian diocese. He returned to the Legion-no questions asked or explanations given to the community- about 6 years ago!
  11. Maciel has a Rolex, eats the very best because he has nephritis, and every time he gets sick new or old candidates are called to assist [ed. attend on him and his needs]. How does Maciel proceed sexually? He complains of pains in his stomach and asks for massage, then gradually he brings the hand of the person down to his penis to masturbate him. At the same time he opens the zipper of his assistant's pants and squeezes his penis until he sheds sperm. When finished, you have to clean his belly and your hands of the sperm. He takes injections of Demerol regularly; if you doubt, just examine his arm! He's an experienced Demerol taker. If you want to be popular, always have a spare Demerol injection ready. But Maciel likes new flesh and change, so those naive beautiful new men who are told to attend to Our Holy Father's needs go in without knowing what's in store! Problems of conscience forever!-
  12. While in Mexico I heard stories of young Legionary priests who just vanished overnight and were never heard of again. His relationship with the Mexican Secret Police leaves room to [for] doubt. When I was at the Irish College in Rome I had to attend various members who fled from the Via Aurelia [Legion house], looking for somewhere to stay. One case in point is Fr. Praga [Francisco Gonzalez Parga, dispensed and happily married ex LC priest]. Where is he now?
  13. I wrote to CNN and asked why the Legion of Christ is called to comment [on their programs]. The President replied vaguely (copy enclosed for Regain). Who are the Legionaries to comment? It appears to be another form of Ecclesiastical Networking, When you want to know about the Church, speak to
  14. To finish Marcial Maciel is a pedophile and I am a victim, and I will stand in any court of law to condemn him. Let's hope that all the 'blabberdash' [balderdash] of pros and cons from people less informed comes to an end. Maciel is a bluff. But he fooled Vatican authorities because they wanted it. The Legion of Christ will disappear in less than 10 years. The Church doesn't need them and they have nothing to offer apart from being a cheap imitation of the Jesuits and Opus Dei. The picture of the famous Decretum Laudis [Vatican Approval Decree of LC] is a tacky postcard bought in St. Peter's Square. I have grave reservations about John Paul II for giving so much protection to Maciel. Because of this error of discernment I have serious reservations about his sanctity.
  15. Let's stop this farce of the imbecile Maciel and show him in his true colors. If he were a simple priest in a diocese he would have been put in prison years ago. But hidden behind the aura of sanctity and calumny, Maciel believes in his own lies.
  16. >

Maciel, I dare you to come forward and deny my charges personally and publicly. I'll soon take off [your] mask of hypocrisy!

Michael Francis Caheny

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