Ex Legionaries Thoughts About LC Reform and Current Situation

Tension has been building all over as Vatican watchers wait to see how the apostolic delegate and now Cardinal-designate DePaolis will use his sweeping powers. The month of October was a manic depressive?s delight up one day and down the next on both sides of the fence.

The October 19 letter had something for everybody. The letter seemed to be mostly positive regarding the Legion status and even about the clarity of the Legion charism (huh?)

But similar to the fine print in a contract there were some strong hints and references, indicating that all was not peaches and cream. Sandro Magister claimed that the papal delegate De Paolis is issuing an ultimatum: either they change, or it will be “disaster” for all and went on to say that Fr. Garza has been asked to give up the main offices that he holds in the Legion and that a chill developed between the two when he refused. Such disharmony between a Cardinal-designate and a Catholic religious order leader indicates that there is a real struggle going on for big stakes. The Legion has always claimed to be absolutely loyal to Rome. The letter did make reference to the possibility that the existing leaders knew about and concealed some of the bad things that were happening.

ReGAIN contacted some ex Legionary and RC members to see what they thought and felt about recent events. Here are some comments that were expressed:

I have been told that there are many prelates of the Vatican who are disagreeing with the decision of Pope Benedict to save the Legion. Many were expecting him to dissolve the order.

I was hoping for dissolution. I am very disappointed (commenting on the letter.)

Sandro’s letter has given me hope, but it’s only that a long-term strangulation is in process — which does nothing for the wounded. Flowery platitudes are manipulated by the Legion and disheartening to those who deserve better
I cannot see what can be done apart from what appears to be sniping or grumbling. Three years is a long time to wait for them to close up shop, and wastes valuable time for those who want to get on with their lives — in that sense, it’s almost better to ignore it and move on.
Of course those with loved ones inside can’t do that. What else can be done that brings healing and resolution?

…the letter from De Paolis is a pile of crap. I wonder how much it cost the Legion.

What strikes me most is the undermining of the media which is wholly irresponsible because the LCs and followers have ALL been kept in the dark continuously and they still are unknowing of the true history of Maciel.

What a remarkably crazy response from the Vatican. When he wrote, ?Yet it not only survives, but is almost intact in its vitality? I felt like I was reading zombie literature. This is a thing that just won’t die.

He brings up some good points, but almost sounds like an LC at the end. I think they need to completely get rid of ALL current leadership, at bare minimum. I am curious to see what actually takes place at the General Counsel (anyone know when this would take place?). Interesting is how he is already talking about his work with the LC taking years, and how the LC leadership wants to rush it along . . .

It does sound like he has a brain and while I don’t agree with everything there are some things I do agree with. He also appears to be trying to parameterize his involvement. I suspect that he got mail from every single LC and was overwhelmed. However, that said, I think the one huge mistake is that of leaving the superiors in place. While we don’t know who did what, or know about what, there is sufficient circumstantial evidence that maybe the Legion should hold some sort of court marshal type of tribunals and also include ex members. Again, de Paolis is missing the ex factor in his plans. We are part of the cure.

ReGAIN Comment:
Is it time to laugh or cry?
One common trait throughout several of the above comments is that there is disharmony at several levels, between the Vatican and Legion leadership and even within the Vatican hierarchy. ReGAIN testimonies and articles have documented such disharmony that has existed among family members, Legionary and Regnum Christi members among themselves and between them and many bishops. The delegate has recognized that the reform process will take at least three years. Will the Vatican be able to make a silk purse from the proverbial sow?s ear? We will have to wait a long time to find out.

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