EWTN To Acquire National Catholic Register

EWTN News has reported that EWTN will be taking over the National Catholic Register

The report describes the Register as <q>one of the most prominent Catholic publications in the United States</q>, and states that:

“recent trends in the publishing world, coupled with fallout within the Legion after disclosures that their founder Fr. Marcel Maciel led a double life, made it impossible for the order to continue publishing the paper”

Michael Warsaw, CEO and President of EWTN has promised that in its acquisition of the Register, as in all its undertakings, EWTN would “look to the Holy Spirit to guide us,” to make the best use of a “tremendous tool for evangelization.”
ReGAIN Comment:
The loss of the National Catholic Register will put a damper on the recruitment efforts of the Legion and Regnum Christi as the reform process continues to plod along.

A commenter on Life-after-RC Blog  Click Here to see Blog and comments gives an opinion that after the Legion took over the Register, “the paper was pabulum” (insipid, simplistic, bland).

A national mass media outlet such as the National Catholic Register has tremendous influence on people and it seems obvious that the Legion has used such influence to promote their own agenda regarding recruitment and fund raising. We look forward to seeing such influence utilized to provide true evangelization, which is spreading the Good News of Jesus.

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