Cardinal Sodano’s “Peripheral Issues”

Tom Roberts in his blog on the National Catholic Reporter <a href=>(Click Here for National Catholic Reporter Article)</a> reports that Cardinal Angelo Sodano was recently asked to comment regarding accusations that he had been Father Macrial Maciel’s most ardent protector and supporter in Rome, at one point shutting down the canonical process against him. The question came following an Associated Press article that had been written by Nicole Winfield.

Cardinal Sodano replied that it wasn’t the time to speak about it and then questioned how in such a great moment the reporter could get into such peripheral issues when the world was applauding the pope.

Tom Roberts commented that it was stunning to him that Cardinal Sodano has not been banished because of the way he benefited from the Maciel largesse that was lavishly dropped around the Vatican.

Tom Roberts commented that:
<i> <q>This is hardly a peripheral matter. Maciel and his protector, Sodano, provide a window into the deepest flaws of a culture where abused children were cast aside while their molesters found sanctuary and in the case of Maciel, even adulation</q>?.</i>

<b>ReGAIN Comment:</b>

Cardinal Sodano was Pope John Paul II’s secretary of state and although he has retired from that position, he remains a powerful influence in the Vatican (as do other Legion and Father Maciel supporters). His response to a valid question from a reporter seems callous considering the suffering of Father Maciel’s victims who had sought and expected justice from the Holy Catholic Church.

Other powerful Vatican figures also supported and covered for Father Maciel and the Legion and according to an article written by Jason Berry last year, they benefited financially from their support.

ReGAIN has no interest in criticizing the Catholic Church, which is the Body of Christ, or John Paul II, who was an exceptional pope, beloved around the world. But when it is obvious that there are attitudes shared by specific members of the hierarchy that are not in keeping with truth and justice and integrity then it is important that Catholics be aware.

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