Blazquez Visitation Report To Be Presented to the Vatican

Catholic News Agency – <a href=> Click Here) </a> reports that Archbishop Ricardo Blazquez of Valladolid, Spain has concluded his apostolic visitation of the lay branch of the Legion of Christ, Regnum Christi.

The visitation was coordinated with Cardinal Velasio de Paolis, the pontifical delegate for the Legion of Christ and the Regnum Christ Movement. Archbishop Blazquez, who was also involved as one of the Vatican visitors during the visitation to the Legionaries of Christ in 2010 is now drafting a report to send to the Holy See at the end of June. It will contain observations and suggestions culled from his interviews with the consecrated members of the movement and <q>analysis of all the information</q> received.

<b>ReGAIN Comment:</b>

Based on preliminary information sources, Archbishop Blazquez is expected to recommend that the 3gf be completely independent from LC and that it have merely affective links with LC and the rest of RC (1gf and 2gf).

Regardless of the visitor?s recommendations, we expect that it will be an uphill battle to bring a new sense of purpose because of the current situation:<ol>
– The disgraced founder will always be a millstone around their necks. To follow the example of his life would be absurd.
– The charism remains fuzzy and unless the old movement is scrapped and completely rebuilt, they are stuck with not having an adequate unique purpose for existing.
– Any unique spirituality claimed by the movement must be considered contaminated because it was built on a foundation of (a false prophet?) Maciel?s writings and teachings.
– The structure is badly flawed, including total surrender of personal free will, human rights and does not provide reasonable security for its consecrated members.
– The secretive, manipulative, isolated and elitist environment is unhealthy.
– The movement has been banned in several important dioceses and the valid criticisms from members of the hierarchy and credible theologians and religious writers have not been adequately addressed.</ol>

We are hopeful that this time there will be recommendations to improve conditions for the consecrated women and to make optimum use of the valuable resources including volunteers and money to build the Church.

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