BBC Newsnight Report “Maciel Situation Places Dark Cloud Over Papal Visit to UK”

As Pope Benedict XVI prepares to visit the U.K. a report by BBC Newsnight raises questions regarding the way the Vatican handled sexual abuse cases, particularly those of Fr Marcial Maciel, founder of the Legionaries of Christ and Hans Hermann Groer, former Austrian Cardinal.

The BBC report refers to the difficult position that former Cardinal Ratzinger was in when he attempted to investigate Fr Maciel in the late 90’s and met with obstruction from Cardinal Sodano, who exerted pressure to protect Fr Macial.

Although the BBC report does not contain much in the way of new information, the focus on the secrecy, obstruction, cover-ups, manipulation of power, payoffs, disharmony among the highest ranking Vatican hierarchy and the shock, outrage, loss of confidence and giving up of the Catholic faith by a significant number of former church goers illustrates how the tentacles of the founder’s evil life continue to plague the reputation of the Vatican and to detract from the true mission of the Church.

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ReGAIN Editorial Comment:

Some people have been adversely affected / disillusioned by their experience with the Legion / Regnum Christi and have lost their faith in the Catholic Hierarchy, in the Church, in Jesus, and even in God Himself! Many have abandoned the practice of their Catholic Faith as a result.

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