Are The LC Leaders Refusing To Leave?

According to Sandro Magister in the Oct 25 edition of Chiesa, the Apostolic Delegate, Archbishop (Cardinal Elect) De Paolis asked Fr Garza in mid-September to give up the main offices that he holds, including territorial director for Italy, supervisor of consecrated R/C women and other positions including head of the financial holding company Integer. Apparently, Fr Garza refused to leave and there is now a chill between the two.

Based on Sandro Magister?s article, papal delegate De Paolis has issued an ultimatum: either they change, or it will be ?disaster? for all.

To read Chiesa – Sandro Magister:

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The English translation of A/B De Paolis? letter on the Regnum Christi website seems to be surprisingly supportive of them, considering the current situation at the start of an evaluation and it seems a stretch to consider the letter itself as any sort of ultimatum. Obviously Sandro Magister has other inside information that has not yet been made public.

If any of the LC leaders is in fact defying a cardinal and refusing to follow his instructions, it puts a whole new twist on this situation, including even the possibility of a schism or dissolution. At this time it is unclear what the disaster for all would be if the LC refuse to change.

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