Miles Jesu Apostolic Visitation – Similiar Situation

By ReGAIN Staff


Controversial Founder of militant Catholic religious group investigated by Vatican, removed and replaced by Vatican Commissary; overly aggressive recruiting tactics; questionable use of sacrament of confession, controversial spiritual direction; practices and customs require complete revision….. Have we heard these types of things about an orthodox Catholic religious group lately? Nope – not the Legion this time.


In 2009, Fr. Barry Fischer, C.PP.S., was appointed as Commissary for Miles Jesu and invested with full authority. His mandate was to write a new Constitution which defines the charism, spirituality, and apostolic nature of the Institute; to develop adequate vocational discernment and formation policies, to review the financial policies and generally to completely revise all its practices and customs.

The founder of Miles Jesu (Soldier of Christ) was born in Spain. He had founded the Ecclesial Family in 1964 and was judged unable to continue in his position as Superior General in the spring of 2007 by Catholic Church authorities, reportedly due to serious mental and physical health problems?.

Based on unconfirmed sources, the situation regarding Miles Jesu sounds quite familiar for those who have followed the Legion saga. It involves a militant orthodox Catholic religious group with a similar name (Miles Jesu translates to Soldier of Christ?). They had a controversial and authoritative Spanish founder. They have reportedly been accused of coercive recruiting practices, violations of spiritual practices, especially having to do with the sacrament of confession and spiritual direction and there have been questions regarding their financial practices. The group has been accused of keeping its lay members in a state of poverty without adequate health insurance while expecting them to recruit money from wealthy benefactors.

Details regarding the visitation and the recent Vatican action to reform Miles Jesu may be found on their website at: Miles Jesu Click Here

There is a statement at the above site issued July 28, 2010 by Fr. Barry Fischer, C.PP.S. the Commissary who has been given full authority of Miles Jesu during a period of reform.

Those of us who are interested in the current situation with the Legion will be watching with interest, concern and prayers to see how successful the Vatican is in the program of reformation of a similar group.

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