Letters From The Past

Fr. Ferreira & Br. Dominguez
By ReGAIN Staff

In 2006, Fernando M. Gonzalez, published Marcial Maciel, The Legionaries of Christ; Unpublished Testimonies and Documents. This book differs from earlier works on the subject of the Mexican religious congregation and its founder. Gonzalez was able to document his work with unprecendented access to various letters and documents from the earliest days of the Legion of Christ.

All ex members of the Legion of Christ will recognize the names of Fr. Ferreira and Br. Dominguez from classes given in the novitate on the history and spirit of the congregation. Both men are demonized by Maciel himself in his recounting of the history of the Legion.

ReGAIN would like to present two letters from Gonzalez’s book. Both are letters written in 1954 and sent to Bishop Orozco-Lomeli of the archdiocese of Mexico. The missives chronicle the hideous double life lived by Marcial Maciel at the time. Much has been said of these two men and what the Legion calls fabrications. Reading these letters, however, in the light of the Church’s recent sanction of Maciel and what ex legionaries know of his personal life, proves to be quite enlightening.

For the moment, ReGAIN offers these two letters in their Spanish original. An English translation will soon follow.

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