How Dangerous Is The Legion Of Christ & Regnum Christi Movement?

Ever since 1995, when the Vatican published a document on New Religious Movements*, the Legion of Christ has wanted to distance itself from such groups. Nobody better than then Territorial Director Fr Anthony Bannon, L.C., knew how serious such confusion could be to recruiting and fundraising material. As a pre-emptive strike against inquiring minds, he penned a booklet [not found online either at Amazon or Barnes & Noble] attempting to show his organization was not a sect or a cult, and which Legion and Regnum Christi followers avidly and blindly devoured.
Despite Church approval of a certain version of its constitutions and benign papal praise of the founder-some of which has since proved to be unfounded-, is it true that the Legion of Christ and its Regnum Christi movement are beyond reproach? Let us leave aside the Vatican statement regarding the Founder’s sexual habits. Doubts have been cast, not so much upon the Legion’s doctrinal stances as upon its METHODS in recruiting, training and retaining members, i.e., the stuff of cults. Several articles and testimonies on ReGAIN website suggest that no matter what its doctrinal or professed Catholic Orthodoxy the Legion may possess certain ‘cult-like features’ which serious affect the psychological, spiritual and religious wellbeing of its members.
We urge you to review the many articles referring to ‘Cult-like’ on our webpage, using the Search feature.
An informed opinion requires strenuous study. Download the free study THE CULT PHENOMENON, How Groups Function, published by Info Secte/Cult. This document was not written with the Legion/Regnum in mind, nor is it intended as a criticism. But read, examine and compare to what you know and can find about the Legion, from sources outside the Legion. This well-researched document generously presented by Infocult, will help you educate yourself about this serious danger to your Faith and Family.
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* Sects and New Religious Movements, Anthology of Texts from the Catholic Church 1986-1994, Edited by the Working Group on New Religious Movements, VATICAN CITY. English version copyright USCC, Washington, DC, 1995

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