Xavier Leger – Has The Action To Date From Rome Been Too Lenient?

By Bonum Verum Pulchrum
Bonum Verum Pulchrum has posted his own thoughts and feelings regarding the Vatican action to date and added a quotation from Xavier Leger,blog master at exlcblog.info, supporting Pope Benedict XVI in the wisdom he has shown in not taking the more immediate drastic action such as closing down the Legion’s apostolic schools.
Xavier Leger comments: The system will not survive very long. The wreck began, water entered the ship and now, despite the desperate efforts of crew members to save the furniture, I do not think the Legion will survive. In the whole history of the church, it never happened that a congregation has been founded by a monster lacking in any religious sentiment?.
To see the entire article and comments:
Bonum Verum Pulchrum Website Click Here


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