Fr. Peter Cronin Wrote In The Summer Of ’93

LC a Sect, Exiled in Gabon, LC Priests who want to leave


By Fr. Peter Cronin St Michael the Archangel Parish, Washington DC [RIP 9/19/99]


Letter to Network members:
Sect-like Characteristics in Legion
Exiled in Gabon, Prominent exLC tells saga
Supporting members, religious or priests, who want to leave
How to reach members still inside?


Dear friends,

Greetings! Those hazy, lazy, crazy days of summer are upon us. I hope you all can get away to enjoy a time of rest at the beach or lakeside or some idyllic mountain resort.

Network has connected us; our common experience can and must be expressed and shared. For years we were members of the Legion of Christ, a religious order that has many of the characteristics of a sect. How did it affect us and how does its affect those who are still in the order?

In this issue of Network X tells us of his assignment to the “front of Gabon� prior to his departure from the Legion.

An interesting development: Network has reached a person within the Legion who is delighted to know there is a support group which can help those who are thinking of leaving –but more about that on another occasion! Some possible channels of discussion for future issues of Network:

a) We are planning a reunion for all members of the Network, to be held in the fall somewhere on the East Coast, a get-together for a long week-end. Please let us know what can be a good time for you.
b) What approach should we follow when a young man, feeling a call to the priesthood, shows interest in the Legion of Christ?
c) We know of priests who are unhappy in the Legion, who disagree with many of the policies, practices and abuses of the order. Is it possible to contact them? It would be helpful to let them know there are many alternatives to staying in the Legion. Many of us have found the priesthood in the diocesan life to be happy and fulfilling.

Please pass on Network to others; our membership list is growing gradually, poco a poco. Quisiera tomar esta oportunidad para decir que si alguno prefiere escribir una carta o artículo en español, que lo haga con toda confianza. Todos hablamos, entendemos y leemos la lengua de Cervantes, así que nuestra comunicación puede hacerse, bien e inglés o en español.

With no further ado, over to you, X

Peter Cronin

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