Fr. Maciel’s Christ is my Life? against the background of a Mexican Mystic


By Archbishop Luis M. Martínez
Late Primate of Mexico

B. Herder Book Company, 1962

Translation of Jesús
By Luis M. Martínez
Editorial La Cruz
Mexico City, 1947
Translator’s Preface

When the first edition of Jesus appeared in 1940, the Catholic periodical, La Cruz, acclaimed it as the author’s masterpiece, comparable to the writings of Monsignor Gay, Pere Lacordaire, and Dom Marmion in solid doctrine, penetrating unction, profound, authentic mysticism and elevated style; a book belonging to those works that never grow old or die.

The personal notes of Archbishop Martinez reveal his own reaction to the book review. Regarding my latest book, Jesus, La Cruz states that it is my masterpiece. This delights me, not on account of the praise but since Jesus is the Beloved of my soul, it is a great satisfaction that what I have written of Him should be my masterpiece.

Archbishop Mari?nez became a bishop in 1923 and lived through some of the most turbulent years in the History of Mexico. His social views were considered quite liberal and he was fully aware of the adaptation to modern times. He was the author of numerous books on the spiritual life, usually emphasizing one of the three following themes: The Holy Spirit, Jesus and Charity. Three of his works, in addition to Jesus, were translated into English.

He became Primate of Mexico in 1951 and died in Mexico City in 1956.

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