Evolution of Legionary / Regnum Christi Truth

Note: The purpose of this article is not to make fun of ordinary Regnum Christi members or to make them look bad in any way. Consistent with ReGAIN objectives, the intent is to bring awareness to people, including those who for many years were not allowed to question things and over time have gradually had their gift of discernment compromised.


Discernment is a gift from the Holy Spirit and is related to knowing and sincerely desiring the truth in all matters. Embracing the truth should be expected throughout the true Kingdom of Christ. Yet for the consecrated women who have been isolated from the outside world the truth contained in some of the facts that come down from on high from the Legion masters has been somewhat of a moving target. The truth has noticeablyevolved for many of those who have committed so much to the kingdom of Maciel.


Legion Concept of Truth Regarding the Founder

Early 1990’s and previous: Father Marcial Maciel is a living saint, who lives an exemplary life and we should all try to emulate him.

Late 1990’s: : Father Maciel is a living saint who lives an exemplary life but there are some deceitful ex members and critics who are trying to hurt the Legion and damage the founder’s name. Father Maciel prays for them.

Mid 2000’s::- Father Maciel is a living saint who lives an exemplary life and those ex members and critics who made up false accusations about him have somehow managed to create a cloud over him and it has been necessary for him to step down and he can no longer practice his priesthood. What a shame! Father Maciel prays for those who have lied about him and he accepts his cross with humility just as the Lord Jesus did. We should follow his wonderful example of humility.

Early 2009: : – Father Maciel was discovered to have had a long term relationship with a woman and she bore his child. Except for having a lover, the founder led an exemplary life and it is unlikely that all the other rumors about him are true. It is too bad that he had to make that one slip.

After May, 2010: The Vatican says that Father Maciel led an immoral life, sometimes resulting in crimes and was devoid of scruples and genuine religious sentiment. He probably did do some of the things that he was accused of but we don’t want to know about them. It is still okay to carry his picture in our purses or wallets if we wish and we are allowed to continue quoting his teachings as long as we don’t say where the teachings came from. He probably did have some faults but somehow the Holy Spirit worked through him and so much good fruit has come from his work and the organizations that he founded.

During the entire time period from the 1990’s on until present, ReGAIN has had an unchanging message that the Legion founder had been deceitful, manipulative, abused children and had led a hidden life that was much different from his public life.

Legion Concept of Truth Regarding the Statutes and Norms

Early 1990’s and previous:: Everything that we do has been fully approved by the Pope and the Vatican. We are loyal to the Pope and to the hierarchy.

: Early 2000’s: Everything we do has been fully approved. We are loyal to the Pope and to most members of the hierarchy. There are some bishops and archbishops who don’t understand the good that we are doing and they have banned us but except for them we are loyal to the hierarchy. Those who don’t understand how much good we are doing will come around in time. They were probably influenced by those evil detractors who are out to damage the Legion and us.

2004:: – Regnum Christi’s statutes just got officially approved by Cardinal Franc Rode so this confirms what we already knew before that everything we do was fully approved by the Vatican.

2009::- Whoops! We hadn’t realized that only a skeleton version of all our rules had been approved in 2004. Well, that was probably just an oversight and of course other religious orders don’t get all of their rules approved either. It isn’t important that every little detail be approved. The Pope loves us so much that he is sending us our very own cardinal to help us to make a good thing even better.

2010:: – Now we are going through a reform process but it is only because the founder did a few questionable things. We don’t need to really reform much.

During the above time periods from the 1990’s on until present, ReGAIN has had an unchanging message that the statutes and norms were part of a cult structure to overly control peoples’ behaviour and that the main reason for this was so that the founder and other senior Legion leaders could take advantage of the people under their control to satisfy their lust for power and money.

Legion Concept of Truth Regarding Regnum Christi Consecrated State

Previous to 2009: : Being a consecrated woman in Regnum Christi is almost the same as being a religious sister. We the consecrated women are brides of Christ and spiritually are far more holy than non-consecrated ordinary lay people. Anyway, we know that the Vatican has approved our way of life and the Pope and the cardinals love us so much and we feel holy and good

After 2009:: – It is unfortunate that we aren’t really consecrated women in a strict legal sense according to Canon Law but there has been a consecration of our lives to the kingdom so what does it really matter? We have a good feeling about being consecrated and we know with certainty that we are spiritually superior to other people. The Vatican is recognizing that there are new forms of consecrated life and now that we have our own cardinal everything will get straightened out.

During the above time periods from the 1990’s on until present, ReGAIN has had an unchanging message that the consecrated state of the 3rd level (3gf) in Regnum Christi, based on private promises that did not involve the local bishop meant very little to anyone outside of Regnum Christi and that the Church did not consider the women to be brides of Christ according to canon law. /p>

Legion Concept of Truth Regarding Reliability of News Sources

Previous to 2010:: You just can’t trust outside news sources. It is best to read only Zenit and The National Catholic Register because they know the truth and they are trustworthy.

After 2010:: – It’s too bad that all those people from Zenit left. They complained that they were influenced by the Legion regarding the presentation of their news stories. It’s too bad that the National Catholic Register was sold. Now it is more difficult to know what to read or who to believe and trust.

During the above time periods from the 1990’s on until present, ReGAIN has had an unchanging message that the news presented by Legion controlled media was biased and failed to present negative information about the Legion or its founder in an adequate manner.

Legion Concept of Truth Regarding Regnum Christi Charism

Previous to 2009: : Our charism is charity or maybe it is something else too but we are very charitable and we do lots of good works.

After 2010:: – The Vatican said we need to redefine our charism. Oh well, what does it really matter? We know how much good we are doing and eventually everyone will recognize how good we are. We are sure we do have a charism somewhere and everything will all work out. We’re not really sure why the Vatican is making such a fuss about this but in the meantime we will just keep on working for the kingdom.

During the above time periods from the 1990’s on until present, ReGAIN has had an unchanging message that the Legion and Regnum Christi did not have an authentic spiritual charism or saintly example from their founder as other Catholic religious orders and movements do.

ReGAIN’s Reasons for This Article

With all that has happened in the Legion and Regnum Christi in recent years, most impartial people who read the facts see a number of red flags regarding deceptive tactics and excessive control and manipulation of people within the structure utilized by the senior Legion leaders. The Supreme Court Judge in the legal case regarding former consecrated Mrs. Mee included a comment about a red flag in his summary judgment recently, even though he dismissed the case based on legal technicalities.

Since Father Marcial Maciel founded the Legionaries and the Regnum Christi movement, he and all other senior leaders discouraged free and open discussion among the consecrated women and information was tightly controlled. Over the years there was a constant effort to prevent people on the inside from discovering or believing negative information that reflected badly on the founder or on other leaders.

Many former members of the Legionaries of Christ, especially those who had been victimized by the founder or by other Legionary priests and others including ReGAIN associates were branded as liars and their information was discounted. As time has passed, the overall message proclaimed by ReGAIN and by other critics has proven to be truthful. In fact the Mission Statement for ReGAIN
<ahref=http: http://www.regainnetwork.org=”&#8221; category.php?c=”245671671″>Click Here to see Mission Statement has remained unchanged over the years and that includes informing and educating people regarding the true nature of policies and practices of the Legion and Regnum Christi.

The ReGAIN messages informed and warned people about what was happening and about the effects on peoples’ lives as a result of the founder’s secret life years before facts became known publicly. The testimonies made of members and victims remain available on this website openly for people to examine. ReGAIN editors have not found it necessary to change information over the years because it has been found to differ significantly from the truth as it has unfolded.

There have however been significant differences between the facts that have been presented by the Legionary hierarchy compared to the information presented on this website and others that are critical of the Legion. Such differences did not cease after the founder died and continue to this day in spite of the reform process.

People who have committed everything they own including all their money, their loyalty, their sexuality and their lifetime energies deserve to have full access to the truth. We encourage those who have committed their lives to Father Maciel’s kingdom as consecrated women to seek the real truth by obtaining answers to questions from unbiased sources to verify the information that is coming down from the Legion hierarchy that remains much the same as it was when the founder was alive.

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