Nieves Garcia – Do Not Be Afraid Message, Former Regnum Christi 3gf

A translation of a message shared by former Regnum Christi consecrated member Nieves Garcia Click Here for message as posted in Spanish and English on Ex Legionaries Blogspot.

Her letter describes how she and other consecrated women lived in an atmosphere of fear that paralyzed them and made them feel vulnerable. She refers to the strange concept of obedience and the ongoing deceit.

One night when reading scriptures, Jesus’ words let not your heart be troubled, believe in Me spoke to her heart in a special way. This insight gave her renewed courage to face her worst fears and to break free.

ReGAIN Comment:
From the book of Genesis (15:1) to Revelation (1:17) God reassures us to not be afraid. When Jesus appeared to His apostles after the first Easter, He told them to be at peace.

Nieves Garcia shared her experience of living in fear in an environment of blind obedience that included accepting lies from superiors. When she turned to Jesus, she discovered the inner peace and freedom that she had been seeking.

This is a powerful testimony from a 48 year old woman without social security who through God’s grace was granted the courage to do what she felt was right for her. What a wonderful message she has for people in any difficult situation to find freedom by turning ones life over to God and trusting in Him.

Our thoughts and prayers are with this brave woman and with all those who are willing to say no? to enslavement and dishonesty and to open their hearts minds and spirits to Jesus, believing and trusting that He has a plan for them, that He will provide for their needs and lead them to where they are truly called to be.

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