Associated Press Impact Statement Re Zombie Like Regimented Life in Regnum Christi

By NICOLE WINFIELD – Associated Press Writer


“No one can give away a basic component of his or her humanity and renounce totally his or her ‘decision-making capacity’ – unless (they) want to become a zombie,” Orsy said in an e-mail. “It opens the way for an ignorant and unwise superior to mislead and to harm – seriously, permanently – his subjects.”


The AP article by Nicole Winfield points out the cult-like conditions that the consecrated Regnum Christi women live under, being made to adhere to *Vatican-approved statutes that require them to “voluntarily renounce the use of their capacity for decision-making” — pledging unswerving obedience to their superiors.

Four current members acknowledged problems with the way women were recruited? adding that 18-year-olds shouldn’t make lifelong promises after a six-week candidacy program?.
The article quotes canon lawyer, Peter Vere who comments that the women are placed in a vulnerable position, because Regnum Christi is not committed to providing for health care or for their needs in their old age. The women may be discarded at any time.
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* ReGAIN comment re Vatican approval of statutes:
In 2004 the Vatican did approve an abbreviated version of the Regnum Christi statutes, which contained less than 10 % of the total regulations that govern every aspect of the consecrated women’s lives.

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